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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. allright..the way i see it, is this...the only way for anybody to get anything goin around here is to get lit the fuck

    im gonna go blaze and reasses situations later...ive done some thinkin..and here it goes...after a bowl of course.

    now stoned...

    tocar mi lone department
    you have no idea what all is going through my head right now...but, being all stonedddd and whatnot, i can channel it into my ability to speak the complete and total absolute truth about anything at all i desire to
    about 23545463 thousand of those things just went through all at once

    i shouldnt leave for many reasons...those i shall get into excrutiatingly much..right now
    i shouldnt go, if for only one of these reasons, because i should practice what i preach "no matter what, someone will not like you....get over it" at least thats what i think i said....its the complete truth, regardless of anything at all you will ever do AT LEAST ONE person will not like you for it. so...all of you may like me..but just because i find out another person doesnt....i shouldnt leave....even if i did like this guy

    i shouldnt go because i fucking love this place...i am extremely loyal to it, and DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES want it reduced to anything lower than what it is while im high...a complete and total all out fun thing to do..i get so fucking into this shit when im high..kick on some music and chill with my blades....god damnit..were a family...friends, if you get into an argument with your friends you dont just fucking go away from argue for x amount of time....and then get stoned,drunk, etc etc....and realize that ..hmm..maybe shit aint really that bad..i mean, this is just one rough spot in the relationship...just a minor washout in the field, until our roots are able to take hold in the fertile soils of friendship again, notice that we really arent that different, and only our opinions conflicted, we are all fundamentally the same. all perclempt thinkin about everybody.and adapted it to why no one should leave

    deflate the donkey, ive said too much must go play now

    critter..dude...mate....pompus ass....fiend....critter 2, whichever of you decide to sit here and try to think of how to try and convince you to stay and cant ill do both, you cant leave because it isnt really all that necessary...and it would just generally be a good idea for you to stick around as well

    dont go because if you did, it would really accomplish nothing...we would miss you...BOTTOM FUCKING LINE...just because a couple people say something in certain situations doesnt mean thats what its all aboutmy legs hurt worked alot today...7th day straight
    AND YOU KNOW people would miss you...ya damned motorcycle havin, kanaroo lookin at, port drinkin, bong tokin, mate from the land down under
    oh yeah...i just remembered this was to be completely honest
    critter, dont leave, because IM a selfish bastard and I dont want you to, so dont, i would miss you
    digit, dont leave, because IM a selfish bastard and I dont want you to...and well...what the fuck would i get to laugh at without your political and your nonesensical, and your bullshit posts....not completely unlike my rants in some ways...sept in poll form
    smokie..dont leave...why?..goddamnitcuzisaidsoandthatsgoodenough dont ya hate it when your dad said that..always pissed me off
    or how about the times that you drop your one hitter in the shitter, so with the keys you did make a pitter, exploding a message hither and yon...tellWOW..I JUST MANAGED TO MAKE NO SENSE AT ALL

    all of these goings on stem from one thing..the rules threa ive only ventured to one other site...and lost interest instantly *with the exception of gandering at yahooka in my early days here...just to see what it was about*
  2. man, it took you long enough to post a decent rant...maybe that's one of the things that's been missing lately

    oh well, it's here now, well shed man
  3. lol make sense to me :)

    and all you said is soo true...!
    no one should know if 1 person hates ya, there an ignore button! .. I think anyway.. lol :)
  4. Like I said before, there's a bomb on the would be wise to not get on it.
  5. aye aye!

    nobody should be leaving!

    *cheers YAY*

    -another meangingless and pointless post, brought to you by D9THC
  6. ditto.....we all love each other here.....and the place just wouldn't be the same without your rants.......Peace out.......Sid
  7. woah dude you are SMART to tryping all that
  8. i am a master tryper.
  9. yo!
    me too!

    son! its llike the french connection!!!

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