God damn .. woke up in class with serious back pains..

Discussion in 'General' started by boredjim8, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Okay so i fell asleep in calss reading a book with head down on desk so i was bent over .. bad posture completly .. specially if its for 30+ mins .. so i wake up and im fine .. get outside walkin to friends car after class and it hits me .. my lfet sholder blade IS KILLING ME .. i cant crack it ither.. i want someone to like pull back both sholder blades and put a fist in center to try to crack it back to normal .. :(

    sry for the bitchin...

    on a good note i tried the new watermellon phillies baught 2 packs for 3$.. there fuckin godly blunts .. the flavor is just amazing .. and the smell / slow burning.. u cant beat it.. + 10blutns 4 3$ .. ..

    hehe funny story when i baught them.. okay i was high off a bowl and so i go down to buy them and i search friends car for as much change as possible.. i rackup about 254 i think it was.. i go in and the lady was like .. its 264 so im like shit lemme go get 10cents in the car just dont put theses back on shelf hold change ill be right back.. so i cant find a fuckin dime in the car so my friend gives me a dollar bill and is like fuck it take this lets go i wanna blaze.. so i go back in and hand her the dollar and im like KEEP THE CHANGE.. shes like no no here u go and i coudlnt walk away cuase i didnt have the blunts yet.. and she gives me back some of the change i gave her in the first place .. she gave me a dollar 1.10 back.. bitch can NOT add..

    **Gave 2.54 came back in with dollar so thats 3.54 she gives me back 1.10 so i paid 2.44**
  2. Hell yeah...i love when the cashiers add wrong.

    I once bought a powerade at a 7-11...It cost something like 2.19 (bullshit PA prices) So i took out 2 bucks from my wallet and began to search my pockets for a quarter. Before i had given him the change, he wrung up on the register that i gave him 3 bucks and he gave me the 81 cent change. So i ended up getting it for $1.19!! Saved a buck.
  3. Yeh I had he same thing happen while laying down. It'll go away in a few days.
  4. went away this morning.. still soar like aftger running or workin out i guess? but not nearly as sharp of a pain thank god
  5. i live near doylestown, glad to hear it went away.

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