god damn it!

Discussion in 'General' started by FinallyFamous, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. i'm going to visit my girlfriend this Friday staying for a little over a week. and she has no clue i smoke! i'm fucked no smoking for that long is going to be lame! XD
  2. ...maybe you should have been honest at the BEGINNING of your relationship...
  3. Building a relationship on lies.. classy.
  4. sweeeeeet!!!!
  5. [quote name='"Skipdog"']...maybe you should have been honest at the BEGINNING of your relationship...[/quote]

    hahahahahhahaha, good one

    make her put out as often as possible to keep your mind off the weed
  6. damn already jumped to the gun that im a liar from the get go?
    i never use to smoke but i've started slowly and now that i moved back home it's just a habit but i've mentioned it to her and she said she wouldn't care but i know she will
  7. Bunch of self righteous judgmental folks on here wow lol
  8. Well is she hot? Are you hitting that? Otherwise, I would tell her, it would suck to go that long with no weed or pussy. And if she cares then Dont bring it or don't go.
  9. Get her drunk..Eat her pussy really good...Fuck her brains out...
    Then ask her if she wanna smoke a bowl?

    I bet she says "OK" ;)
  10. ok...all is not lost with your little hottie. you just need to man-up and tell her. if she's still there when the dust settles....she's a keeper...if not...oh well, move on.
  11. It's just a week, you'll survive :rolleyes:
  12. fuck, like the second comments rather than the judgemental first ones,
    but haha yeah ill survivie but fuckkkk like every night before bed a blaze a j to sleep haha
    and nahhh she's a keeper for sure with or without tree i ain't trippin now that i think about it i mean come on sleeping in her bed every night lol wtf yall thinks gunna be goin down
  13. if you post it.....expect replies. otherwise...
  14. [quote name='"Skipdog"']

    if you post it.....expect replies. otherwise...[/quote]

    Replies don't need to be rude and presumptuous! All he said was "going with my gf for a week she doesn't know I smoke" and all these people are like "omg building relationship on lies!!" like stfu lol
  15. Is your hand bigger than your face?
  16. "Why are you mad sugar boo?" "I FUCKING HATE YOU"

    my prediction has been made
  17. It's only a week. Chill out, you won't die.
  18. How old are you guys? Do you know how she feels about weed? Try getting her to smoke with you, smoking with your girlfriend is awesome IMO and can make you guys have fun and experience something together. Smoking her up for her first time would be sweet, no?

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