God damn it!

Discussion in 'General' started by cowofsteel, May 26, 2003.

  1. Well i just missed another chance to talk to my parents about smoking!!!! They came home like 10min ago and i was smoking to try and get rid of my headache and cold... my mom knocks on the door as im hitting the last of my J so it smelled bad even w/ a fan in the window and a incentse burning... my mom knew what i was doing and was smelling around and said "what are u up to?" but i told her i had an intense burning and i was surfjing the net! im a big pussy! im so pissed at my lost chance! they know i smoke i've told my mom that i tried it and my dad smokes but i can't seem to bring myself to say that i do! AAAAAARGHHH!

    thanks for reading (if u didn't i dont blame u) i just had to saying somthign!
  2. I've had times where i wished i talked to my dad about weed, i never did yet and i kind of regret it.
  3. haha i would just up and tell them, especially if your dad smokes weed too... shit....i would be blazin it up wit him if i was you.

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