God damn her.

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  1. I don't know what too do, totally torn.

    This girl, shes pretty quiet and shy, sensitive, that type. I've been talking too her alot lately and really making a connection with her, shes an amazing person and ive developed great feelings for her.

    Shes not the type too tell her anybody personal stuff, but she tells me alot.

    I really do care about her, but sometimes.. damn .

    One minute i could be talking too have having a great conversation, but then once other people are around, she basically gives me the cold shoulder and does not talk at all and when I try too talk too her she one word replys and stays quiet.

    The past day or 2, shes just been totally ignoring me, I don't really know whats going on but its pissing me right off. I have a big feeling nothing good is going too come out of this. I feel like crap, infuriated, and that shes going too hurt me or something.

  2. Sounds like she uses you for comforting and your like a "good friend" that she can talk too.... that leads to a bad road my friend if you like her. If I were you I would just not talk to her for a couple of days and she if she says anything to you, if she doesn't then she wasn't into you but if she does say something to you then that probably means shes been thinking about you. Or you could just straight up ask her if she has any feelings towards you
  3. id get her alone and straight up tell her how you feel. that you love being somone she can confide in and would love being a bigger part of her life
  4. Hmm, I doubt that, because everybody tells me she has a thing for me, and whenever im around her and her friends one of them makes some remark about us and she just acts embarrassed, I could be just blind too the reality of this though .

    I'll take your advice and just not talk too her for a few days, atleast then that will give me a general idea of what too do, thanks friend.

    I'll keep updated, All feedback appreciated. :)
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    hm, this girl sounds much like me in high school.

    i was practically nonexistent i was so quiet and shy. on the other hand, i was also extraordinarily bitchy and cold if anyone so much as approached me. mainly because i was going through slew of shit after slew of shit back then, and this could also be why, as you said this girl confides in you much. which is another thing to think about: do you really want to be involved with someone with "problems"? i can almost guarantee you, no guy in my high school could've handled me and alllll my shit.

    on one occasion a guy i drooled over from a distance for probably the better part of a year, started randomly chatting me up until one day he finally made a legitimate pass. i also, shunned and ignored him at great lengths.

    so much so, that he eventually gave up and graduated(he was older than me by a year) and i never saw or talked to him again.

    all i can say is, depending on how old this girl is, meaning, if she's in high school or college, she's just very closed-off and likes to hide behind walls. she has no idea why she's ignoring you, if she's anything like i was. i just acted that cold way because i was at a point in my life where i saw absolutely no use in doing anything.

    i'd say make a move, tell her how you feel and don't be a pussy about it. this doesn't seem like the type of gal whose going to run around telling everyone what an over-emotional loser you are if she's not interested. just be forward and tell her to take it or leave it. you're probably way too young to waste too much time on any one maybe/maybe not interested chick.

  6. No problem man, thats just something I would do if I was in your situation. I find that ignoring a girl for a couple of days and not talking to them makes them wonder and think. But then again if shes like the poster above me not talking to her could be a total "hit and miss". I have no idea what this girl is like other than that shes shy and stuff, so if you think ignoring her would work then go for it, but straight up telling her how you feel isn't always a bad thing. Yes it takes alot of balls to do it but its better than wondering "what if" later on. And the poster above me is right, a girl with a lot of problems is going to be a hassel, so only tell her how you feel if your ready to to take on everything that comes to that relationship. :smoking:
  7. If you cant talk to her upfront, try texting her about it or chatting on msn (i know, childish) but it works with some people because they just cant talk person to person about some things. My ex-gf was similar, if anything was bothering her about m she would be cold to me until i finally pressured her into telling me at which point she would brak down and I would have to comfort her (this happend like every few weeks lol). So just give it a go. If you like her, at least talk to her and ask her why she is doing this.:rolleyes:
  8. UPDATE: So I mentioned too my friend about it, and he said she was talking too her and the conversation went something like this.

    Girl: Does it seem like I like ****
    Friend: Yeah pretty much, do you?
    Girl: I can't, not again.
    Friend: Sounds like somebodys in denial
    Girl: I always am, I suckk.
    Girl: I gotta go


    I guess theres some background that should be given here . We went out like half a year ago, things didn't really work out for stupid reasons and we got into a fight and never talked for a month, but we're cool after that month ( usual breakup stuff ) . Then it slowly led up too this.

    This might have something too do with it, I don't know for sure, maybe I should have posted the background on us in my first post.. d'oh .

    It's wierd, it all triggered out of nowhere on sunday, friday I was hanging out with her and really making a connection and I talked too her abit on saturday, but then after that chat on saturday everything just went too shit .

    Once again, thoughts and/or advice ? :confused:

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