God Damn Cops...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Sparkin, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Me and my 2 buddies were chilling in a park, smoking a blunt of some dank middies we just picked up.

    1 of my buddies notices 2 people coming towards us and as soon as we saw it was 2 officers, I thought we were fucked.

    My buddy takes the blunt, puts it out on his jacket and shoves it down his pants. (Lol it must of hurt a little bit.)

    The cops start questioning us. Now luckily we didn't have anything on us except half the blunt, but we decline to being searched anyway. They tell us they smell the weed, so I start tripping out, thinking something bad is going to happen. We talked a little bit longer, then they left...

    We basically got let go, but it was scary none-the-less. (My first police encounter)
  2. Hopefully police encounters in your future are nothing more than this...+rep for your story

    Personally, I like to lay low and out of radar of cops. I would rather just not deal with them in the first place.
  3. Reason 22 b why i don't smoke in parks. Glad you made it out of there but i hope you guys are looking for a new spot to blaze
  4. How about you put the blunt out and flick it? Why keep it on you thats so dumb..

    Good story though :D
  5. It was half a blunt, we ain't ditchin that :rolleyes:
  6. just throw it somewhere and go back to get it after the pigs leave. one time i walked back into the woods of a public park with my buddy and we had a blunt where we were just gonna walk like a mile back to this bench to blaze it. well a ranger drove by and slowed down massively and i thought we were fucked so i just put the blunt under this log and went back to my car. the ranger never did anything but i just went back and got the blunt and drove away
  7. i would have bailed. from personal experience i've never met a piggy i couldn't outrun.

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