Go to the doctors high?

Discussion in 'General' started by InSaNe182, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Have any of you ever gone for a physical check up while stoned?
    I wonder if it would mess with the results at all.
  2. depends how high you are and whether or not you are a functional toker or not...
    but why not just wait til after wards?

    the doctor is trying to judge the overall health of your person and if you show up stoned, you are only making his job harder.
  3. if its gonna make you paranoid then dont do it. if not then i see no problem in it, i go to all doctors/dentist appts high
  4. i did once and she thot my blood pressure was whack and thot i had a scratch Corrina, i would not do it twice
  5. I see what you mean and i do agree with you.
    I've gotta see my doctor in 3 hours but the last time i smoked was in the morning roughly 2 hours ago so i'm sure i'll be fine.
    I was kinda just wondering if anyone's gone like absolutely blazed haha.:smoke:
  6. Someone on here, I forgot who, apparently went to the doctor's extremely blazed and proceeded to spurt jism when the doctor tried to check him for a hernia.

    Could have just been a troll post though.
  7. yeah i remember that thread. funny as hell but probs a troll
  8. Never made a difference for me. A couple times I got extra ripped so it seemed like i was more sick to get the liquid HC. Makes your throat look sore.

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