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Go Ducks!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NuBBiN, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. hahaha the no. 3 Michigan Wolverines got raped tonight by Oregon...QUACK QUACK mother fuckers haha....Big ten my ass...still using playbooks from the 70s.... And they were whining about the noise!...of all teams the one that has a home stadium capacity over 100,000 people and they thought it'd be a cake walk comin to Eugene... maybe they should have taken us seriousely when they were told autzen stadium is in the top five loudest bowls decible-wise....poor suckers couldn't even call plays audibly..heh
  2. :D Cool for you and the Ducks, NuBB's. My VOLS did well today against our biggest rival so I know how you feel...except I don't go QUACK QUACK!!!!
  3. "...The Ducks held Michigan's Chris Perry, the nation's leading rusher going into the game, to just 26 yards. Michigan's rushing offense, which averaged more than 307 yards through the first three games, lost three yards on 19 carries..."

    "...Total yards gained rushing for the entire game....4!"...hahahaha watch out for those sacks for losses next time michigan....the ducks linemen are down for playin some smash mouth any day biatches
  4. RUFF RUFF go dawgs!
  5. yea ducks!

    my moms a Duck! her hole family lives down their, all of them areQuack this Quack that, although a few of them are beavers too..

    it is the beavers right?? maybe not.
  6. yeah, Oregon State Beavers.... ehh what fucking punks
  7. your ducks smell like birds

    MY PIGS SMELL LIKE ROSES..out to a three and OHHHHHHH start, coming up against Big Poppa creamPuffs Crimson Tide next weekend...

    lets see what jones, wilson, and cobbs do too ya

    bua and olajabadoojoobajadoogie are gonna kick some ace too.
  8. Holla! They kicked some major a** the other night! But Poor Ruper :-(, Hope he has a speedy recovery
  9. strong 2003 bump
  10. How the hell did anyone even come by this 5 year old thread
  11. Word, go ducks. I go to every home football game.

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