Go Ask Alice

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  1. I just finished this book and it made me nver want to touch acid or any harder drugs. anyone else read this book?
  2. I read the book. I actually didn't really like it..it didn't really affect me all that much.
  3. yes. i read it during depressed time a few years back. felt drawn to it in that sense, could relate and made me feel intrigued to my own feelings, thoughts etc..I liked it at the time, a very very easy read..still have it on the shelf..maybe pick it up again sometime outta boredom
  4. i've read it a few times. picked it up at a yardsale, so it goes through my reading rotation every now and then.

    i also felt drawn to the book, being a weird kid, but it didn't affect me at all. that's like reading a crime novel and then commiting a crime. maybe for some people, i don't know anything about psychology
  5. bringin back a HELLA old thread, but im halfway through this book now. I like it, and can relate to a lot of it... but, it kinda seems outraeous, i almost feel like it was written by the government to scare kids back in the day rather than some anonymous girl. Like, she randomly is given acid... within a week (and shes 15 at the time) she loses her virginity and takes speed intravenously. Then after all this, she talks about how she wants to try pot. When she does, shes blown away, even after she just tripped on acid. Shes insanely naive, and starts dealing acid to a 9 year old, then hops to san fran with her friend where she gets raped after being given heroin by her friend (that raped her). She then moves to berkeley and opens her own shop at 15, and then goes back home for xmas and returns to HS (thats where im at now)....

    I dno, maybe she really was that naive, but she got caught in a helluva mess of a cycle for a 15 year old. I've used all the drugs she has (replace barbituates with benzos... theres also a few im not sure what the nicknames mean.) but, this story is kinda outraeous, so if it happened, damnnnn. Sometimes the way she writes gets on my nerves but then i remember its a 15 year old girl "I cant wait, cant wait, cant wait!" kinda annoys me when she talks like that haha. But yea, good book, but after already doin all the shit she's done, im definitely taking it with a grain of salt. If its true, then i guess thats why 15 year olds shouldnt take acid lol

  6. It is a scare tale dude, anyonamous? They would publish the name if it was real to say, look what happened to So and so.
  7. Omg I read this when I was in 8th grade or maybe younger.
    I mean I loved it when I was younger...but I dunno about now.
    Acid and other drugs are pretty cool....
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    yea i kinda figured, but i didnt grow up in that era so i was like, hey maybe some people really were just that fuckin stupid lol. Its still a good book if you read it the right way and take it the right way i suppose

    haha yea i picked it up cuz i found it in my basement... was supposed to read it for summer readin in 8th grade but never did. Now im a bit too mature for it, but, ey, its at least worth the read. I can associate with some of the thought processes... i think its funny how many times she says shes never touching ______ (drug) again, and the next journal entry shes like "omg omg omg i had the best nite on acid last nite!"
  9. go ask alice is one of my favorite books of all time, some dont like it because of how its like a 3rd person view i guess or something i cant think of what the word is excuse me im quite messed up but yes that book is amazing imo

  10. haha, your excused. Its actually in first person... its a diary. But yea im enjoying it, its a nice lite read - i read through half of it already and i started it last night

    ...girl can't handle her drugs though
  11. You know Beatrice Sparks was an uber Christian freak that was supported earlier versions of DARE and DEA?
  12. I read that book when I was in 6th grade I think, I couldn't put it down ...

  13. who is that? like.. the "actual" author of the "diary" ? I mean, its obvious that the book is some form of propoganda, otherwise its the diary of the dumbest fuckin girl in the world. Its still a good book, i think, as long as you don't take it too seriously. I've already done every drug i nthe book, and the book isn't going to have any influence on me at all, so its just a nice easy read... i feel bad for kids who read it and are actually like "omg so if i do a drug, im gonna get raped, shoot up speed and heroin and destroy my life all in half a year"

    I didnt know the book was like this till i started reading. As soon as she did lsd, i was like... ok, wait... this is a bit outraeous... she just took acid... and now within a week shes down to let someone shoot her up with speed, and then fuck her/take her v-card while shes on acid? wtf?

    lol, still enjoyin it:smoking:
  14. It hits you harder when you're a 14 year old girl, but hey, I read it when I was 14 and I loooooove acid. I used to be totally fucking against it, but then I decided to move forward with an open mind and tried it. 'Twas a fantastic experience.:p

    It was written to keep you off of hard drugs and out of the street.
  15. It's funny, that book is intended to scare kids away from drugs but for me i just got more interested in what they were cause when i read this in fuck like 5th or 6th grade i had no idea what acid, speed, and pot even were before then, i just knew they were something called "drugs" and they made you feel "high" whatever that was.
  16. lmao thats right first person i meant haha but yeah that book is enjoyable because you wanna keep reading it because its stuff that people like us on this forum are interested imo a definate page turner which is why people always start reading that book and end up finishing it in a day or two like you
  17. yep. easy read, interesting material, creative writing style, and no chapters (quick journal entries) just keep you turnin page after page until ur like, ' shit i read that much? '

    i think its even more interesting reading it as a 20 year old whos already experienced most of the drugs - im getting a kick out of a lot of it. If i read this when i was little like i was supposed to im not sure how i would have reacted/how it woulda affected me
  18. Yeah it was a pretty powerful book when I read it, but even then (when I was against most drugs) I felt much of it was a bunch of bullshit, or (like someone said) the diary of the most retarded girl.
  19. Lolll yea! I read it sooo long ago, from a summer reading list in like middle school. I think I'll probly read it again sometime soon though, would be interesting now that I've actually tried some of the stuff in it.
  20. fucking fake ass propaganda book is what is really is

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