Gnatrol on unsprouted seeds

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by case22, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. So im batteling a gnat problem in my flowering tent. Not thinking a threw in 2 new SLH seeds in some coco on the opposite end of the house, and they already have gnats walking around the surface of the coco.

    Is Gnatrol safe to use on seeds or should I cover the medium with some sand and hope there are no larve to munch on the taproot?

  2. I never heard of that product, but why would you use it on the seeds? Id definitly wait till after germination before adding any pesticides, just sand should be enough until the first node or two. I dont find gnats to be all that aggressive anyways. they may do some damage, but they dont usually occur in large enough numbers to kill a plant in my experience (which isnt a lot).
  3. It an organic product that contains a bacteria you add to your medium that when ingested by gnat larvae, it kills them. Supposedly it is harmless to plants... supposedly.

    I'm just worried that the little tap root won't have time to develop before munched on.
  4. thats bacillus thuringiensis, right? if the product only contains those bacteria and no chemicals at all (which I highly doubt, seems stupid to add any sort of poison to a live culture), I believe its safe to use even on seeds.
    I gotta get my hands on some of that stuff, too... I always got small numbers of gnats everywhere in my house and the seedlings that I started a month ago do have some damage that may be caused by the gnats. I will definitly not be using chemical insecticides and Im not eager to stink up my room with neem either, so those vicious bacteria would be perfect I believe. just gotta get off my ass and to the store, Im way too lazy and the plants I got growing at the moment are just a less than half-assed experiment with no proper lights and seeds from the last harvest, mostly offspring of some super shitty hermies of unknown origin, just checking growth rate and stuff before this year's big guerilla grow to know when I have to start my seeds to achieve a certain size at a certain time to plant them outside ^^
  5. I got mine on amazon, 60g for 10 bucks. It's not a ton, but I keep a very small operation; 1-4 small plants.
  6. I guess the best thing would be to do some research and try to breed those bacteria yourself, then the smallest available amount would be enough to last forever.
    they do survive in the soil even if there are no more gnat larvae or other insects to feed on, dont they?

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