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Glycerin based tincture okay to use on wound?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Peter Griffin, Oct 16, 2010.

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    My girlfriend's mother has diabetes. She got a small scrape on her knee last week and the scrape is not healing, it's getting worse. I know that cannabis applied to the wound would greatly speed up the healing process, but all I have is a glycerin based tincture. Would it be okay to put on the wound?
  2. I mix half glycerin and half alcohol tincture and use it for wounds all the time. Straight glycerin should be fine, only you may want to put it around the wound rather than directly on the open area to cut down on the burning. You can also make a warm poultice out of boiled weed, if you have any fresh plant. Fan leaves, trim. Boil it up and and put it in cheesecloth, when its warm, not hot, hold it on the area.
    And of course, please seek medical advice if the wound continues to worsen.
  3. Thanks man. Do you think this will help?
  4. It cleared up a fairly big ulcerated spot on me (I have neuropathy, just not diabetic) in a surprisingly short period of time. It can't hurt. Just don't put off standard medical intervention if its warranted. You can do both (oral antibiotics and topical cannabis)
  5. Sweet! Now her grandma won't be able to lecture me about marijuana :hello:
  6. You know I had never thought of this, but I'm going to try it out myself with my own tincture, not as a wound thing, but as a topical analgesic. Wow, what a great question. Thanks!
  7. I was under the impression that cannabis based topical tinctures and creams were becoming a norm for wound control and healing process.

    Oh, while I'm thinking about it I once had maggot therapy.
    Felt amazing, believe it or not.
    I know I know, the whole idea of having 50 or so living things in your body eating tissue, knowing that for your whole life they've done nothing but eat rotting corpses.
    But the little guys felt good almost, kinda like when you rube the outside of a bad cut to stimulate blood flow, but actually in the wound.

    Plus I was told they secrete antibiotic saliva an such while eating diseased and dead tissues.

    Totally off topic but somewhat relevant to OP's relatives non healing wound. :smoke:
  8. Before cannabis was made illegal it was used as topic skin treatments, & as an antibiotic. I use oils instead of tincture as I can make them very strong. It works wonders on sores.

  9. which method do you use? also what solvent? :D

  10. Similar to Rick Simpson's oil - I use various solvents to different results. See thread Ingesting Rick Simpson Hemp Oil - now a current topic - I posted a lot there.

    I use virgin coconut oil to make my oils as the base. Also various essential oils.

  11. If you don't wear gloves, about 15 minutes of straining good glycerine tincture manually causes your hands to go quite numb :) It's pain relieving benefits can effect areas up to two inches below the application surface.

    If the tincture wasn't made with heat, or the heat was applied less than a month ago, you may want to bring it up to 160 (f) briefly, before using it on an open wound.

    There are some who say it can be preserved safely without heat for several years, and some who say it only keeps for up to a few months to one month, it depends on the storage methods, but essentially the glycerine only slows the time frame that damp product can go 'off', it doesn't stop it entirely.

    Putting decomposing plant material on a wound is only helpful, when it isn't going moldy and hasn't spoiled past a certain point. Good luck!
  12. She's been putting it on the cuts for a couple days now and they are healing :hello:

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