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Gluing glass back on vaping wand??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Maxm, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone, I knocked my glass wand over on a table and it snapped a small piece near where the herb goes etc. Here it is:


    I have the piece that broke off and it fits perfectly back in place, would it be okay to glue it back, maybe even just tape it on the outside or something??? I have no idea and need help going about this, and going about it without any hazards. Thanks ahead of time everyone
  2. You could super glue it from the outside, probably do the trick with limited chance of it getting heated. Though I make pieces using super glue, the idea doesn't really bother me.
  3. Super glue would be a good fix until you get a new one. The heating will eventually break the bonding. It not a long term thing though.

  4. I just found some impact gorilla glue and I used that to put it back together, but the problem is the glue said it was combustible. I'm assuming once it dries it won't be, and also I'm only going to be vaporizing with it at midrange temperatures so it should be fine. Gonna wait a day to let it dry and then try to use it.
  5. Just do it! Smoking the glue will get you higher too so that's a plus.

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