Glue traps - thoughts?

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  1. I tends to word things badly or demonstrate points in effectively.

    And I don't think it's contradicting. It providing a quick end as you can possibly manage given the situation.
  2. I hate those traps.
    Had a whole family of baby mice once so we set them out. Going around the next morning, cutting their little heads off with a buck knife, was no fun.
  3. The people outlawing glue traps are the people without a continual mice problem.. those little cunts are hard to catch. 
  4. dang, mustve been bittersweet. once baby mice grow hair theyre actually kinda cute imo.

    even if i really cared about them that would be a hard task to have. i probably wouldve throw the trap out with them still alive, much respect that you didnt.
  5. I personally wouldn't ever use glue traps. Its cruel IMO when my house gets a mouse I use the snap traps with peanut butter on them. has always worked for me.
  6. The people supporting the ban are typically the ones who use them, and then are shocked to find a mouse on it with a mangled body with its jaw broken, legs in unnatural angles and gnawing off one of them to escape.
    There are plenty of other alternatives you could use; they're not really necessary maybe with the exception of a last resort. Which in that case, a professional pestie can get the job done. Wouldn't trust the average joe with being responsible when it comes with a live, injured animal stuck on a trap.
  7. Precisely my point why these shouldn't be available to the general public. People are squeamish or indifferent, and as a result don't do the right thing.
    If your a home owner it should be a no brainer you can use glue traps, they can cause property damage, some mice have toxic urine where even the smell can pollute the air and kill somebody if theyre exposed over a long period, the poo is just as bad.
    Im Canadian and i will continue to use glue traps because they are the most effective way to catch a mouse in a place said mouse just shouldnt be. 
    Im glad we dont have a rat problem cause id be killin those little bastards too. 
    id rather use a glue trap then walk into a room with a snap trap thats caught a mouse, its fucking intenstines are usually scattered everywhere from the pressure of the trap, now that shit is inhumane. 
  10. I've never seen a snap trap do that. But I guess its possible. Snap traps usually kill them instantly. Snaps their necks where glue traps just have them sit there and suffer.
  11. My thoughts on glue traps, They're damn effective.
    Had to use them in a food court that was next door
    to a grocery that was being remodeled.  It was mice
    fucking everywhere.  Middle of winter too.
    We had them gnawing into packs of
    hamburger buns mostly.  Big health issue.
    Nothing we tried worked.  They basically ignored
    the snap traps baited with peanut butter.
    So we got Environmental control to send over
    some glue traps.  Two weeks later, no more mice
    showing up on the traps.
  12. As I said; there are better, more humane alternatives. Besides, glue traps just exacerbate the problem when it comes to potential pathogens.
  13. Yeah, it really was bittersweet. I actually had pet mice previously and think they are awesome. However, when they shit all over and eat your food and have like 10 baby mice a day they got to go. Glue worked best for getting the lot of them, but it honestly pained me to kill them.
    You or them I guess.
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    Hate the pellets. Usually you'll end up with a mouse rotting dead somewhere and you having to find the smell.

    If you want a humane trap use a 5 gallon bucket run a piece of wire or string through a pop can, run the wire across the top of the bucket. put some peanutbutter on the can. Then all you need is a cardboard ramp of something running up to the can. Caught 4 mice in my shop in less than a few hours. Also you can put water in the bottom of the bucket too.
  15. Some of you guys don't make sense, what if all that was caught in a snap trap was a mouse's leg or the tip of their nose? They would go through a lot of suffering in that situation too.
    In my opinion, once the mice feel the pain from trying to rip themselves off the glue traps, they should stop attempting.
    Unless you get some mouse catcher to come and gently remove the mice, there is no way to get them the hell out without causing them discomfort
  16. Psh glue trap?
    Fuck that man, GUN TRAP!
    Rig a couple of strings near the bottom of a door and rig it so that when the mouse disturbs the string a shot gun goes off (pointed directly downward at the mouse). 
    Good luck to that little fucker. :hello:  :bongin:

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