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  1. I wanted your thoughts about the use of glue traps. We've had a bit of a mouse issue over the past week, we tried snap traps but they did not work. So my brother got these traps with glue on them.
    What I saw, I was not expecting!
    We caught three overnight - but they were still alive. Bleeding, legs broken, one was trying to chew itself off. Literally! By my estimates they were there overnight, for several hours. I finished them off with a brick to the head, that was the most merciful and humane thing I could do to end their suffering.
    Apparently they're banned in Germany, Ireland, New Zealand and the Netherlands. Other countries are considering to either ban or regulate them. I can sorta understand why. In the wrong hands, they're quite medieval and brutal. And believe me, I did scold my brother for not checking these things more frequently - I would have were I home at the time. Personally, I wouldn't trust the general public with the use of these traps - either used irresponsibly or are indifferent to the suffering. Personally I'd like to see them outlawed with the exception of licensed pest controllers following strict guidelines. I think it's a little disheartening if a trap like this doesn't have at least some kind of regulation.
    I don't believe any animal should suffer unnecessarily, and should have a quick dispatch as painlessly as possible.
    For those who do use glue traps, I'm curious to know in your opinion when does it turn from pest control to animal cruelty, and do you have any thoughts of the ethics of using them?

  2. A cat/s is the most effective method of dealing with rodents.
  3. Not if your cat is lazy. :p
  4. But they're mice what else can you doSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  5. Use another trap that doesn't involve prolonged, painful torture?
  6. [quote name="HenryCunningham" post="19465673" timestamp="1391550019"]Use another trap that doesn't involve prolonged, painful torture?[/quote]None of the other traps I've used works. They either get the cheese or know it's poison because they are still living somewhere at my works office. We've tried everything we knew of. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  7. Maybe incorrect placement and wrong bait? Try something like peanut butter, that way the bait doesn't move - they have to go on the trap to eat it.
    Then at least regularly check the traps and humanely dispose of the animal. Don't just leave it on the trap to die.
  8. ....why? its a mouse. the point is to get rid of them. if you own a house a good mouser really is the best solution, but the point is that were saying were more important then the mice and demand the space. if they suffer overnight before you can get rid of them is it that bad?
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    Erm, because it's a living being that feels pain? Show some dignity.

    Yeah, it is bad. It's torture. Are you saying you'd rather torture the animal than kill it humanely and painlessly as possible? That's what it sounds like you're saying. "More important" or not, that still doesn't make it ok.
  10. i had to use one, and while i kinda feel bad, for all i know the thing could have had some awful disease, and if i got bit, that would be a problem, as rats are known to have some sort of health problems with them.
    i'd say to only use them as a last resort, i tried the rat poison pellets, and they weren't going for them
  11. i wouldnt rather "torture" it (although i dont think its really THAT bad. its like being tied up with chains pre torture) but i would advocate use of whatever the most effective method is, regardless of the effect on the creature.

    the thing is going to die by the time you wake up the next morning and check the trap anyway.
  12. Yeah, it is that bad. What happens is that they struggle so much they injure themselves badly, it's not like chains at all. Think like a hot wax but it can peel off skin.
    So you'd advocate unnecessary cruelty?
    "Going to die anyway." So are all of us. Doesn't excuse cruelty in that manner.
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    do you eat meat? even though the death might of the been fast the life of most animals that end up in super markets had a pretty shitty life that was wayyy less human that a glue trap in the basement. 
    edit: i personally dont give a fuck and this burger is great
  14. So one act of cruelty justifies another? Great logic.
  15. It doesn't justify it. You missed his point. You claim to be against animal torture, but put your needs before animals all the time in order to eat.

    So, you have an issue with one person putting their needs over the animal, yet you do the same. Hard to preach when you're being hypocritical in your teachings.

    That's the point he was trying to raise with you
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    You don't even know if I eat meat, so how can you make such claims about "hypocritical" teachings? You are making reaching assumptions.
    Frankly, the issue of eating meat should be irrelevant when we're talking about an already trapped animal at one's complete mercy. They are two entirely different issues of animal cruelty. Perhaps you can enlighten us what relevance the eating or non-eating of meat has to do with the issue of disposing a live, injured animal in a trap. Let's take an example of someone beating up their own dog - if a person criticises them for this and gives them a lecture, but they eat meat; are their points either less valid or not true?
    He has no point, because the issue he is bringing up is irrelevant to the topic. Why should the ills of the meat industry have any bearing on a person acting responsibly with a live animal that is under their control?
  17. I don't and didn't claim anything about you, I was just demonstrating what his line of thinking was based on his question. You never answered so how could I known if you eat meat.

    I don't see how it's irrelevant. Animals we consume are trapped their entire lives, many times in very inhumane conditions, all geared at making them bigger and bigger to increase profits.

    You know what, maybe this is irrelevant to trapping a pest (mice are defined as pests to homeowners, pests do damage on a house and decrease our quality of life, and when you have something worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, something you slave away at in a job busting your balls to pay for, a pest is a problem) for a few hours. Us holding animals captive for their entire lives to feed one of the most obese nation on the planet is on a different level of cruelty.

    You're right it's not relevant to this short and proactive act of ridding a large investment from pests.
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    You did. You called me a hypocrite.
    It's irrelevant because it's a different issue than this. You're looking at another aspect of how humans potentially treat animals... and what bearing does this have on whether other acts of animal cruelty is right or wrong? When you have personal problems, does someone dismiss your concerns and give you a spiel about people being treated worse?
    Again, what does mass-produced cruelty, or a greater evil, have anything to do with how one should take care of a struggling and injured animal in their own home? They're completely different scenarios. Thank you for defining what a pest is, but that isn't the point here.
    Behaviour should not be justified based on other bad/unethical behaviour. Why mention it otherwise? Going off-tangent about meat eating doesn't address the topic, which by the way, you haven't given your opinion on yet.
  19. No I didn't, I was trying to demonstrate what he was trying to say.

    And when you make a big investment, it important to protect it at all costs. That putting animals needs before your own.

    And I agree torturing animals for us to eat is irrelevant. I didn't bring the topic up.

    And to address your topic, if I were to use them when other traps didn't work, I would check the traps frequently and dispatch the animal as soon as I could. They're effective and work when other traps fail. My needs will be our over that of the mouse, but I will attempt to make it so they don't have to suffer long, as best as I can.
  20. Perhaps you should have worded it slightly differently.
    I agree, though giving the animal a quick kill would not contradict that mantra.
    That's good to know. Refreshing actually. Some people pretend to be macho about it, but I think a little kindness never goes astray.

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