Glorification of sex

Discussion in 'General' started by dankzombie, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. I know that sex sells, but why is it glorified all over the media?
    I think that it's forced on people by the ones in control (illuminati) in order to desensitize people and morph the act of love into a meaningless action.

    What do you guys think?

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  2. Makes sense. Idk about the illuminati part but yes. This should be an interesting thread.
  3. Sex is hot, who doesn't want to see sex? You a Sally, op? Messing with Ya. can't think of a sig at the moment.
  4. Around me it seems that sex is a big pressured thing.  I work in a factory and a lot of the sex jokes are predictable and just hardy har, almost forced especially...ESPECIALLY if there is a woman around.  But I'm a loner so I see things from a different perspective.
  5. This is new rome bro, new babylon... sex was also a totally meanimgless act of nihilistic and narcissistic pleasure. sent from underneath my balls
  6. To what end? What does the illuminati have to gain by people having casual sex? Sex is like, the reason why we exist. It is the most basic human function.
  7. Yeah, sex is hot but I don't really wanna see sex at the market, movies, billboards, mall, internet. I have enough with my own thoughts.

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  8. Well by constantly promoting sex in the media, it's subconsciously engraved in people's minds, thus controlling their thought patterns to care only about sex and not intriguing questions.

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  9. But it is or can be a meaningless action
    It feels soooo is a physical thing
    However, We are taught that it is an emotional thing

    The problem is that the reson for having sex is reproducing
    So it gets distorted...u have one side saying only have sex with someone you love..because your reproducing
    While people like me think it feels great and so it is a physical thing for me......

    And so I'm high now and I actually forgot what the topic was lmao
  10. I don't think they are "controlling" us to like sex even more I think humans are just lusty beasts and we like pleasure. Obviously this can't be said for everyone but as Sassy said, sex is the reason why we are here today(unplanned or not  :eek: )
  11. dude it's in our nature to fuck. and reproduce. you think the illuminati is responsible for that?! HA!
    the reason everybody likes it is cuz we were made to like it. it targets what just about every human wants at some time in their life. and that is to fucketh ze pussie ja?
    You're just paranoid as hell, bro. The human obsession with sex presupposes the advertising, thus, they're just giving us what we want to see. People think about sex all the time, they don't need billboards, films and the media to help them. You really think that all of this stops people from asking "intriguing questions"? You're just looking for something else to blame, without little logic or reason, on an imaginary organisation.
  13. This is what I had in my head but you just wrote it out damn well. I applaud you sir(or mam)
  14. To stimulate the economy with the purchase of a fine American made dildo or condom
  15. My parents had sex
  16. We're powerless against it bro. My hard penis is like a divining rod, or meat-seeking missile, drawn inevitably towards that particular source of pleasure nestled between a woman's thighs. Some things are bigger than any or all of us.
  17. lets stop glorifying sex
    after that we can stop eating food and sleeping and taking shits too
  18. Imo, I'd just change "illuminati" to those in power. 
    But sex is a common interest of humanity,so if you can advertise to those in a sexually repressed nation (like the us) you can brainwash easier than anything. 
    Reality TV is a good example of this. People watch that and get brainwashed into thinking that the type of behavior shown on "reality tv" is actually real and therefore deemed normal and practical behavior. Then there's an influx in material possession & consumption, underage pregnancies, domestic disputes & horrible addictions,and disease. And all it does is make those in power richer and richer. 
    I'm not saying people shouldn't drink, fuck, get high and do wild shit. They should do it when they're ready and capable too, mentally and physically. Not because their brainwashed into doing so. Shit's nuts. 
    and for the tl;dr
    Sex sells, making powerful assholes more rich. 
  19. That's what I mentioned, I have enough of thinking about it on my own, why do they need to show it all around me? This is particularly aimed for males though because the media just about always showcases females to sell their product.
    You'll be surprised how easy it is to manipulate into not doing things. So yes, fuck bitches get money.

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