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  1. There is a massive event boiling up and could use your help. I know this won't get weed legalized but I feel it could have a large impact.The idea is to have everyone one save every seed they get for one year. A couple of days before 420 they germinate all these seeds. Then on 420 plant the seeds scattered through their town/city in obvious places that will be spotted by public/authorities once the plant has grown to a size that is recognizable. The idea is not to harvest it but to get this event well know enough that it will take notice by the media. Weed freely growing around the nations. But this will not work unless it is well known. please help spread the word around the world and to encourage all to participate and to help spread the word. Making a video on youtube would be great and talking about it in blogs or forums as well.Also let people with large influences in the weed society know about it. No one is to take credit for this not even the person who started the idea just for safety reasons. Nobody wants to be held responsible for millions of plants now do they XD.
    Much love my friends :hello:
  2. define massive
  3. the beginning of a new 420 tradition
  4. lol, there could easily be 500,000,000 plants in cali alone if this was actually done.
  5. The government doesn't mind wasting money to fly helicopters into national forests to round up a half dozen plants. Do you think they won't take a pair of scissors and just cut every plant they see? Cuz...ya know...they will.
  6. And spend billions of our tax dollars doing it.
  7. So basically... Get so much weed growing out in the open, that the government can't afford to get rid of it all. Force them to legalize rather than try to control what they can't. Right?

    That's sort of already the state of things.
  8. Why not do it, most people just throw away their seeds wasting them. This is being done for the publicity in media. Little by little as people hear about weed in the media it becomes more ok to those who are brain washed. It can help people realize its a harmless plant. There are only a few 100 participants so far but will rapidly grow. It is known in new york and Pennsylvania. A close friend of mine is friends with the girl friend of the publisher to high time magazine and are pushing to have this event published.
  9. sorry buddy, this has been posted for years/decades??? are you just now getting wind of this? Ive seen this same post on this website prolly 10x in the past year. research overgrow the government/Jonny potseed and a lot of different names this SAME idea has and then look how far its gotten in the past decade
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    It gets no were because nobody believes in the power that all truly hold. People go oh thats a good idea. But what can I do, im just going to smoke a blunt, eat a burger and pass out. Its the attitude that " it won't get any were" that keeps it from getting any were. Ill tell you now I have put effort into it and have gotten at least 100 people on bord. Its not hard. Just believe in your self and the people
  11. ***** you aint che guevara
  12. Im not quite sure who that is or why that is relevant

  13. Dude, wtf I had literally this exact same idea a while ago. You're not the only one thinking it.
  14. Overgrow the government has adopted a more literal meaning.
  15. A legit revolution would be nice, ending greedy lobbyists controlling the government, and putting someone like Ron Paul as president. Or someone who actually knows us history and can accurately interpret the constitution.

  16. There are a ton of people who thought of it because its a good idea. Thats why it should and will be done. It will have an impact. Fellow Pot heads just need to stop being so damn lazy. Tell your friends and tell your friends to tell their friends, so on and so on. We are so powerful. the government has created a society were people feel they have no power so they can control. But we are far more powerful then they ever will be. We need to pick up our responsibility and take action. Its not even that much work. Just save the seeds and tell your friends. Then when time comes plant them. Its so easy yet if people pass the word on it will spread like a spider web and have a brutal impact. I believe in my self and I believe in the people. I believe us united in action can change the world.

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