Global Economic Meltdown

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    This is deep. Reveals a lot.

  2. Seen that; she scared the crap right out of me.
    It's all upto the people now. People should be more aware of the global economic situation. If anything, it will serve to bring people together.
    Or run for the hills.
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    George Soros has bet over a billion dollars that the stock market will collapse by the end of this year. Get your money out of the stock market now!!! My grandmother lost her entire retirement in 2008 and it basically has fallen on me to finance it. I have almost gone bankrupt doing this. 
    Gold and silver is surely a safe bet though.
  7. Its surely better than worthless fiat currency. 
    add weed, moonshine and a market garden and yer good
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    Well im fucked. Poor family paycheck to paycheck.
    No way to buy gold, but may try to get silver if i can.

    Thank god i just oaid off my car last friday ^_^ so if shit really does hit the fan i can at least live in my car instead of a hooverville.

    I also have some spam and rice piled up which is better than nothing.

    My only gun is a .22 iron sight rifle. I have some swords and knives though. I want a shotgun at least before shtf

    My wife and i are both paranoid so we been trying to prepare for "zombie appocalypse" scenarios.

    She became an extreme couponer and we have probly a month or two of basic supplies like food and soap. But i dont think we are even closed to prepared especially if it happens this year >_<

    And a note to the naysayers.

    Shit happens. Even if this is all a doomsday hoax. Even if nothing happens. Your town or state or country, can always get hit ny terrorists, earthquakes, tornados, huricanes, what the fuck ever.

    You should ALWAYS be prepaired to be able to survive for a few months in a shit hits the fan scenario

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  10. I'm not prepared at all I also live paycheck to paycheck. I don't even currently own a gun. Let alone food supples. 
    you can always trade food for fascinating polisci lectures ...
  12. I think everything's going to work out fine. There's no need to worry about that shit. The way the world is now, I simply don't think it'll get that bad.
  13. that and my anus. 
    That'll be a very competitive sector is my guess ...
  16. damn man. Get on those foodstuffs. You never know when you wont have a paychecm

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  17. I own a dog and a puppy. Yumm dog steaks!  
  18. said everyone right before the great depression.

    I dont think an appocalyptic scenario will happen.

    But even a market correction can leave many people jobless and hungry for.months to a year easy.

    Its always a good idea to have a few month survival plan just in case.

    What if nothing big happens but you end up getting laid off right as food stamps get cut or some shit. You never know.

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    Stop it pickeled pie is making me feel better not to mention my anus can relax. 
  20. Best in these former United States! 

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