Glenn Beck - The Crash of 2009

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TLF1088, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. I don't know if anyone posted this yet, but I just watched this and it really scared me. I don't know if I'm just really high right now, or if this is really as terrifying as it seems.

    [ame=""]YouTube - The Crash of 2009 Is COMING To YOU!![/ame]
  2. Its been posted, but deserves more attention. Very scary indeedy.

    I love the jabs at Gore's eco-terrorist tactics :D
  3. i cant help but think this will all end with us having chips in our heads.
  4. That's why MJ will be legal, the governent WILL have no other choice and will need every penny they can get.

    Stop your cable services, stop any luxuries that you're paying for because soon enough a loaf of bread will be 6 or 7 dollars and you'll be working all day for whatever meals you'll be eating.
  5. I'm still freaking out over this shit. What's really frightening is so few people know that this is coming.

    All the money I put towards weed I should have been saving up for a nice AK or AR15.
  6. Keltec SU16, lighter and half the price of an ar15 ;)
  7. Only americans can turn a thread on financial meltdown into recommending what gun to buy :D

  8. Nooooooooooooo, I've become a walking stereotype!

    I'm a yankee, furthest thing from your typical American gun owner... but unemployment and crime are positively correlated... and guns are badass! :cool::D
  9. Yes it is, and you'd never expect this from a Norwegian, yes they are.

    I love the click of a pump action shottie as you load another buckshot into the chamber. Only beaten by klink-klong of a bolt-action medium calibre rifle. Or the cocking of a semi/full auto rifle or handgun. Guns are quite simply unbelievably sexy and fascinating. On the one hand I loathe what they do and are designed for, but on the other, and it is a guilty pleasure, I love them.

    I have long since thought of joining a gun-club. Only thing is, it do cost a fair bit of money. Ammo is not entirely cheap on these shores...

  10. mmmm, gunss....


  11. Nice choice, I like the plr16 myself. Pistol grip for the win, and using a sling allows you to steady a shot pretty well. I bet they will be trying to ban them soon. I mean how could they not, it looks evil therefor it must be!

    And in response to the video, scary stuff indeed. But it is scarier how few can see the writing on the wall.
  12. m107 .50 cal, M16a, RPG, grenades, claymore, c4, shotgun, Desert Eagle.

    yup, bring it on bitches!
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    I'll sit back with my AK and my Glock.

    I really want a Rec7.

    You can stock up for the zombie apocalypse and the depression.
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    Since this thread have more or less officially trainwrecked...


    A good old fashioned hunting/military rifle. Something sturdy and near fail safe. A proper hand crafted K98 rifle from the interwar years before it went into serious mass-production.

    Pimped with a dual purpose scope/laser sight :D

    You know, for that modern hightech-touch. Maybe a GPS built into the stock come to think of it. Can't hurt knowing where you are :p

    Oh, yes, and this financial situation, it is bad. Bad I tell you.

    But hell, what can we do. We're your average Joe and Jane, stoners even, that gripe and discuss and sometimes cheer on an online forum.

    Escapism never looked as good. I'm actually quite scared of what may happen when I go pessimistic. I can paint a pretty bleak picture for myself and our common societies.

    But we, our common enlightened cultures, have been under many hardships before, and through various detours gotten to be who we are and aspire to be.

    This financial meltdown is serious indeed, but remember, it is only money. An arbitrary measurment of value, that can be redefined at will. As long as the economy service the public need and the individuals right to innovation and entrepenourship, all is good. The one to secure any societies needs, the other to prevent stagnation and ultimatly, corruption. All stagnant systems devolve into corrupt nepotism, as merit and achievement in all but playing the system is no longer a factor.

    No conclusion. Can't think of any to be honest. Perhaps after the next bowl :)

  15. The whole concept of zombie apocalypse is a metaphor for the collapse of society, zombies are just the leftover hoard that can no longer be supported by the state's social structure. Malthusian check. Lawlessness abound, just listen to the sound.

    Imagine something as simple as global power outages and the effect it would have. A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.

    To pour more fuel onto the fire that is this thread, Jane Austen is no longer copyrighted, and to celebrate look whats coming to a bookshelf and theater near you: [ame=""][/ame]

  16. Dude I love me some zombies.

    I just got done reading the new walking dead, zombie apocalypse would fix everything.
  17. Any time spent on our nation's roadways or in grocery stores should prove this.

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