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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by merrrr, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. hey, i had a question. i have a slight kind of glaucoma, the thing with the eyes. its not serious, its in my genetics, as in some of my families have the same condition also. its nothing serious like i said before, its at the point where most ppl who have this condition are at, i gotta use eye drops for morning and night. i hear in california having some kind of glaucoma condition qualifies you for medical marijuana. is that true? is there a certain condition that u must have within the glaucoma conditions?
  2. Find out the active ingredient in your eye drops. Look it up on wikipedia and find side effects. Tell your doctor you recently started experiencing the side effects and ask about medical cannabis- ask abotu alternatives to smoking.

    You gotta go to the right doctor.
  3. Basically Prop. 215 in CA states that anybody can use MJ for medical purposes for ANY illness that MJ has been found to relieve. Glaucoma is definitely one of them. The only thing you want to have is a documented history of whatever illness you have. This is just in case you get busted and need to prove that you actually have glacoma. You say that you have eye drops for your glacoma so I'm sure you have a medical history. If you do go to a medical marijuana clinic or doctor just bring in proof that you are currently being treated for glacoma. Proof can be in the form of a prescription bottle or, although not quite necessary, your medical history transcripts, or a note from you primary stating that "merrrr is being treated for glacoma." There doesn't have to be any mention of MJ in your primary doc's note. Just proof that you are currently being treated.
  4. i see, ima look into that, thanks guys

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