glassmansdoll makes 14mm showerhead diffusers!

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  1. Found out today heres a pic

  2. Those pics are from an order of mine, they are 18 male and female joints. BUT, he can make whatever you want. Just ask for what joint size male and female joints, and length. :)
  3. Do keep us updated when you recieve tham and what condition theyre in when you do, its allways good getting a list of the artists that will actually ship to oz (SSFG and Glasstafarian also send to us)
  4. Yeah, already got pm replies from them before I went with Glassmandoll. His prices are unbeatable, and all the pics of his work so far have been good.

    I'll be adding plenty of pics and vids when I get it all. They said the shipping to Aus should only take 5 days registered post, which makes sense as I've got GrassCity orders in 4 days before.

    I was going to be paying for it this week, probably last night... but a pesky $340 police fine 1 week before rego is getting in the way... then there's rego itself.... :(
  5. i ordered this :D

    i didn't know they were that rare,they have them on ALT as well
  6. GMD is out of stock on showerheads
  7. I'm getting a gridded shower head down stem (second).First one Eric made (not sure if its the first one he sold but it is the first one he made).

    sorry for bumping old thread I'm excited

  8. How can i order this with a joint size 14/14???? :confused_2::confused_2::confused_2::confused_2:

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