glassmans doll mini inline oiler

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    well a few of you have pm'd me about my gmd order...I've been busy moving and haven't really had time to come on here...but I just got an email this morning from angi and attached were some pics of my inline oiler...check it out
    erics making the dome today, I'll post some HD pics when it arrives...for now enjoy and leave a comment...curious to know what the other oil heads think:smoke:
    edit; notice...NO penis head shaped mouthpiece!:metal:

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  2. it looks nice

    so how is this really different than the waffle.just slits instead of holes?
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    its gridded inline if im not mistaken. Mmm im having waffles for bfest!!

    That bub is gonna have crazy diffusion i bet!

    Milk btw! iwantz to see the bubblez dome
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    i have the waffle as well, the waffle has 12 holes on top, this has 3 large flame polished slits on bottom...I chose 3 slits because I vape oil and i dont want massive bubble stacking.

    this is designed exclusively for oil
  5. this is a slitted inline designed for minimal diffusion but you're right the gridded inline is a massive diffusion piece.
  6. That thing looks sweet! Cant wait to see it with the dome!


  7. I love it, I just had a custom oil piece made but the artist didnt do the reverse downtem, he did it normal and just threw an oil dome bowl on top.. umm wrong. I dont want the possibility of my piece ever getting weed smoked through it, oil only. After seeing this I might redesign the entire thing..
  8. Awesome man. That's so sick but wouldn't the waffle work dope for oil too?

    I have only ever smoked oil through my LW 6 arm diffy, can you tell me what kind of difference the diffusion is to you? Why do you want less diffusion? I think I may get one of these in the future, with either that diffuser or the waffle with 7 holes. So dope either way man. + Rep i'm excited to see milks, don't leave me hanging!
  9. nicee rig, and thanks for helping me to decide im gonna go with the waffle, im also gonna request the same with no "penis head" mouth :smoke:
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    oh Ive seen them like that, yeah I designed this so smoking flowers out of it wouldn't be a very pleasant experience even if it have the traditional female joint.

    nice...yeah I wasn't too keen on staring down that thing...penis shaped mouthpieces suck IMO

    hell yeah

    well I just find that with high diffusion the flavor isn't as intense.
    I just made a batch of oil from some killer power kush so I will have a milk for you within the week.
    thanks for the rep!:smoke:

  11. yeah def. hey since you actually have it physically, would you say the tube is too small for ice? Do you think angi and eric would have a problem adding pinches?
  12. I just pics this morning, i dont have it my oil waiting on it:D

    but i have held the waffle, it is a small bore but you could add pinches if you like..that wouldnt be a problem...prolly have to melt the ice a bit first.

    I'm not a fan of ice in my tubes.

  13. oohh okay nice nice, hmm okay i see. hate to ask why, but why? sometimes i dont either as it doesnt really help more times then it does. but in the lil bub i think it would function well
  14. :love: That looks like one solid setup. Hell, I'd use that as a daily driver if it didn't have a reversed joint.
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    mainly coz it disrupts the water levels...I can count on one hand how many times Ive used ice in the last 25 years.

    thanks man, the original was a gridded 12 hole with an 18mm female...I think he ended up selling it on etsy
  16. That's fantastic. We need a milk when it arrives. She told me about your dome and is sending pictures, I inquired about similar not long ago!
  17. ya, no ice and low diffusion when smoking oils for shur. I actually use my dry hitter oil pipes more often than my water pieces, tastes so much better.
  18. Beautiful.

    How tall is it?

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