Glassblowing;how do i tell how munch a pipe or bong costs?

Discussion in 'General' started by austyn12, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. im going to be making pipes and bongs in a shop in few years once i get enoth money and i was wondering. How do people figure out how munch to charge for a pipe or bong?
  2. Well, it depends on how much it costs you to make the piece. Charge higher than that :)
  3. oh okay should i list what glass it is ?

  4. Yeah, consider how much your materials cost, and how much time you spent on it. Compare the piece you made to similar products online and at local head shops and that should give you a real good idea of what to charge.

    There are a few glass blowers here you could probably ask if you need more info.

    These are just the ones I found by searching for progression threads in the Toking Tools section.;.html

  5. wow thanks ill look at them .

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