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Glass Weed In A Bong?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by FRii3DCHiiCKING, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. #1 FRii3DCHiiCKING, Jun 9, 2013
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    Hi guys,

    I'm a fairly experienced smoker but I've just encountered a problem.
    I went to work and obviously left my stash at home. I came home and mum was saying how she could smell weed from "next door"... I acted all normal and said I smell it every night (Covers my tracks because every night I smoke)

    After going upstairs to change out of work clothes and all that normal stuff, I opened my box to find my pipe smashed... I thought yeah she has found out which is fair enough BUT!

    So my question to you guys is. Can I smoke the rest of my weed in a bong? 
    I can throw it away and it won't bother me to do so but why do that when you can get blazed? 
    So thanks in advance. :D
  2. Lmao you're good to blaze, just use your bong. You smoke out of glass all the time, it's not gonna hurt you. Make sure after you blaze to clean out your peice though, get all the glass shards, because you don't wanna be cutting your fingers next time you pack a bowl. It might be different if you were using a spoon because you could get glass in your mouth, but with a bong you don't really have anything to stress over. Smoke away!
  3. Ah man, thanks a load! 

    I was a bit nervous but I was thinking the water would stop it right? 
    Now I know

    Thanks Buddy :D
  4. No worries! And yeah, the water and just the fact that glass isn't lighter than air/smoke haha. I wouldn't drink the bong water though, just incase you were thinking about it :smoking:
  5. Hahaa, Nope i wouldn't ever even think about it... After a week of Bong hits I start to notice dirt build up and that which made me realize it isn't something you drink :p
    I won't lie, I had thought about it when I first started toking  :confused_2:  :confused:
  6. #6 FRii3DCHiiCKING, Jun 9, 2013
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    Oh one more quick question

    What will I do know... I can't exactly go to my mum and say why did you break my pipe but I can't exactly pretend I don't know what happened LOL
  7. I don't quite know how to reply to this LOL

    I laughed if you would like to know.... Actually I'm still laughing :p  :yay:
  8. In my experience, if she hasn't said anything, she's turning the other cheek, but that was a warning not to be smoking under her roof haha.
  9. Lol dude that is hilarious. I'm sorry but that's just too funny. My parents didn't do shit when they found my stuff. All they did was yell at me.
  10. #10 FRii3DCHiiCKING, Jun 9, 2013
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     It's a bit of a harsh... Imagine if I didn't pay attention rolled a joint and cut my throat (not in a death way) or something silly like that :p

    But still, she didn't find the bong so she failed :p

    But in all seriousness. Thank you! If it weren't for you I'd have wasted a good bowl   :p
  11. I think outting smashed glass in your weed is a step to far, what was she thinking!? She knows youd be smoking it and could have easily inhaled it if you diddnt notice. Seems like to me she was only being quiet because she was waiting for you to die ;)
  12. #12 MedicOne, Jun 9, 2013
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    Yeah no worries! :smoke:
  13. I know right!

    I'll wake up in the morning and she will prob give me an Ounce of glass weed. 
    Ah dude... I shouldn't be taking the piss out of my own mother :p Eh she tried to kill me :p
  14. Ah im sure shes a great lady :) you know mothers, they get abit freaked out when it comes to weed, thats the consiquence of the government incorrectly educating people their entire life!

    ****Just remember kids, reefer will ruin your life, will lead you to harder drugs, and will make your penis fall off!***
  15. Fill your mouth with something that looks like blood, start yelling and say "you killed me, why would you do that?"
    And start shaking badly and spit out the fake blood.
    Teach em a lesson
  16. #16 orangegrovekush, Jun 9, 2013
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    Atleast try to get rid of as much glass as you can tho idk what she was trying to achieve by putting glass on your weed i mean if she really didnt want you smoking it shed throw it away or maybe she just wants to see if you smoke it to know how addicted you are lol. 

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