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    As promised in the above thread, here's some photos of a waterfall bong that I made last night using the chillum as a bowl. Actually worked remarkably well. For anyone who isn't aware of how waterfalls work, the bottle is filled to the top with cold water (thinking of using crushed ice as well today?), the bowl is lit and then the water is released through a hole in the bottom of the bottle, sucking the smoke in.

    So for my design I used a Southern Comfort liquor bottle and a 3" glass chillum as the bowl. I had a bit of an accident making the hole in the bottle though. I don't have a diamond drill bit, so I read that a drastic change in temperature should crack the glass. I heated the a single spot with a lighter for about 20 seconds and then poured a little bit of cold water on the spot and boom, cracked. In fact, the entire bottom of the bottle basically fell off, so in the end I have to use tape to put it back together (still works brilliantly). Anyway, photos.


    The milk photo isn't brilliant because I was rushing so the smoke didn't go stale, but there it is!
  2. I have a soco bottle from the other night that i want to try and crack, except i'm using it for a GB

  3. an easier way is just drop a butter knife in the bottle and swirl it vigorously around the bottles edges for like a minute. the bottom should pop right off, and if it doesnt just slam the knife into the bottle.

    its usually a clean cut.

  4. doesnt sound like it'd work...

  5. it works.

    done it a bunch of times too.

    [ame=]‪Udderbot making demo - bottle bottom removal knife trick‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
    shitty video, but you can see it working.

  6. haha no way that's sick

  7. a big forty like you have would be sick to do it in! i have done it before man its fantastic :smoke:

    glass falls kits are the best.

  8. i didn't realize you'd replied to me lol thanks, i'm going to try the knife idea although i already broke the soco bottle with a rock. luckily i'm a bit of a drinker so i have more bottles to work with :D
  9. I have to say, this is the coolest thing ever. The bottle bottom removal, I mean!
  10. I like SoCo.

    Mmmm. :smoke:
  11. Sorry I know this is a old thread but... Is that chillum a 18mm glass bong piece? I'm looking to buy one and I want to get the rite size. Thanks
  12. [​IMG]

    dont think its the exact same set up (this is a gravity not a waterfall) but same concept, i just blew out the bottem of it. A glass slide with enough bulge seals up just perfectly... Plus this one is enormous and has a handle ;)

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