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Glass Vs. Acrylic?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by canobiecrazy, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Im getting my first water pipe/bong soon, and I was wondering. Are the glass ones really worth the extra money? Or will an acrylic one suffice?

    Thanks in advance.

    If this is in the wrong section, im sorry :eek:
  2. Yes, if you're going to get a bong get a good one so you don't have to buy another anytime soon.
  3. Glass if your a stable pot smoker and do not drop shit very often, Acrylic if you know your gonna drop your bong.
  4. I would definitely say glass is the best choice, but it really depends on your situation. Like the person said earlier, get acrylic if you're clumsy. Also, if you still live at home, acrylic's are sturdier and easier hide. But if neither of these are a factor for you and price isn't either, GO GLASS.
  5. Glass has a cleaner look and feel to it.

  6. It depends on who you are. I love both types, really. Glass ones normally are bigger and will like nicer.. and you can gloat! I have a 250 dollar one I bought off someone and it is hella cool. but, if that shit breaks I will kill myself. :smoke:

    Arcylic bongs look awesome, too! I have one. 2 glass ones. Acrylic ones will never break (unless you run it over with a car).
  7. Alright, thank you everyone! I need to hide any pieces I get so I think that I will go with an Acrylic. +Rep to all of you!
  8. get a GonG save up some money maybe 100 for a cheap one just make sure its blown in America and not a chines peace of shit, if you dont get an ash catcher or anything it should be less than a hundred but its always nice walking in with money and still coming out with enough for a ten or 20 sack.
  9. Glass for quality

    Acrylic for durability.
  10. If you buy acrylic you will eventually buy glass, at least that's what I've seen. If secrecy is your worry just use ghetto's until you can get glass. Honestly a taped up gatorade bottle is the same as the majority of acrylics with the benefit of being disposable and more discreet.

  11. dont get an acrylic one...if you enjoy smoking enough to get a bong, dont get a gay acrylic one. those are for little kids that couldnt sneak into a decent smoke shop to get a glass bong (no offense to them). i dont know if there is any proof as to whether a glass one is better, but i can tell you from experience that smoking with a glass bong just feels better, not to mention they are easier to clean and you can see the smoke through the glass, and impress people. :p
  12. I don't really have the creativity to do something like that though.. Plus I don't have a bowl yet either.

    I'm thinking of getting this... Acryl Bong Fluorescent - English -

    Would that come with all of the attachments and be ready to smoke? Or do I need to buy something else with it?
  13. Molino mini bongs ftw :D

  14. ^^This.

    Glass :hello:

    Make sure it's like 5mm glass too.
  15. Acryl if you want to look poor.
  16. Definitely glass. Just bought it mine a little while ago and I love it. Off the smallest amount of bud you'll be blazed! Has a cleaner/bigger hit.
  17. Hm, Ok. Ive found a domestic headshop, so thats a big relief to me. I didnt want it to get taken up by customs.

    So, I think im going to get this-

    And probably a little dugout for on-the-go.
  18. if you are going to keep your bong in one spot then get a glass one. if your going to take over to friends houses, need hide it ect ect get a acyclic one.
  19. Get an Acrylic bong so when your parents take it away from you, your not out a lot of money. Acrylic is great because its durable, cheap and it suits most peoples purposes. Yes, it will never match up to a glass bong with percs and a diffuser but it gets the job done.

    It`s great for taking to parties, you never have to worry if its going to break. You wont shit bricks when your friends or drunks drop it.

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