Glass screens on sherlocks/bowls

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  1. Does anyone do this?

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  2. i do..great for the cone shaped bowls on bongs
    got one for my spoon I have right in my hand, justa sec, [puff puff] ya, it works fine... :smoking:
  3. I do it for my little sherlock but it gets clogged a bit

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  4. i use glass daisy screens for my spoon , they work really nice , i like them . these are what im talking about btw 

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  5. Yea i put a screen in all my pipes. Make smoking soo much more enjoyable. Yes the screen gets clogged so I either smoke the res on the screen to clean and loosen the material on it and then once I dig the screen out I wash it with hot h2o(water)

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  6. I do! Love it, especially in my chillums.
    I don't smoke with glass without one

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  7. My 18mm roor bong came with one . But it's different then the ones for the pipes . . I like the one I got . But think if I had one in my bowl i would loose it . Cashin it out .

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  8. I still don't get why some people refuse to use them. It took me a while but ever since i got a grinder they are kind of important. And my new chillum is two pieces so that has to have one for it to work.
  9. I used to use those when I cleaned my spoons more often. I'm busier (lazier) now and I just don't feel like messing around with them. I just try not to grind so fine.

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  10. I mostly use screens on my bong so when I inhale, I don't suck the bud through and extinguish it. I could just break a piece off a nug big enough to clog the hole in the bowl but it's just easier having to reach for my grinder only, instead of having to grab my mason jar just to break off a small piece
  11. Whenever I go to my local headshop and buy a few glass screens, the guy always gives my a bunch of extra free ones that are slightly damaged but still work.

    I like use glass screens over metal screens because sometimes when I empty out a bowl of ash, Ill see that the metal screen got a hole burnt through it which means burnt metal fumes to the dome. Im sure its fine but yeah I love those daisy screens.

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