Glass Safety?

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    Have a really nice piece, bought a $100+ down stem and $100 bowl. My concern is, even WITH a keck-clip, the bowl sometimes will still get stuck to to the down stem and try to pull the down stem out. Any way to deal with this?

  2. yeah, use a keck clip lol.
    Don't pack it with it on the downstem, and just place it in the joint without pushing it in.  Also make sure both the downstem joint and the joint on the bowl are dry before assembly (water tension can cause it to stick).  If it gets stuck, gently twist to try to break the seal before pulling, don't use too much force.  If it doesn't come out, put it in fridge or freezer for a bit until it's cold and try again.  You can try joint wax as well, ask at your local headshop.
    I DO use a keck-clip, it isn't very helpful.
    I ALWAYS TWIST, never pull.... learned that the hard way by breaking a piece before!
    I alway pack the bowl by taking it out and holding it, then just gently place it into the down stem. (The down stem I make sure I force in nicely then keck-clip it).
    I was thinking joint wax, but I have never used it. I always wash my piece after using it, so I don't know if it is going to be more of a trouble them help?
  4. Apply a tiny amount of olive oil to the glass on glass joints on your bowl and downstem before you use it. It works really well.

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    McLovis said it, or a small bit of Vaseline or something. Lube that bitch up.
  6. Never tried 'lube', interesting idea.  I clean my pieces often and only get that issue if there is water in any of the joints.  Which basically led me to thoroughly drying pieces after they were cleaned, which ultimately led too...problem solved.
    Good to hear.
  8. good god if you can afford $200 for a stem and a bowl, then I want to marry you.
  9. Who get a bong case or if you really want to be protective get a pelican case. You can create cut outs of all of your glass to keep it safe

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