Glass Dabbers -Vs- Ti Dabbers

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  1. To my fellow daily dabbers out there what is your preference for your wand of power, do you use glass or TI dabbers and please explain to us why you prefer one over the other. 

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    Titanium functions much better than glass imo. Glass dabbers have a few downsides: 1.) They break..duh. 2.) Because glass breaks they have to be thicker than Ti, and anyone who has dabbed with a chubby glass dabber can attest to its inefficiency. The oil tends to rise up the glass instead of melting off. Which is due to another one of the downsides of glass: it doesn't heat up or transfer heat as well as Ti. So when you touch your glass to a hot nail/skillet instead of heating up quickly and the oil melting off, it heats slowly and the oil tends to spread over the dabber. 
    You can basically flip all of those downsides around, and there are the benefits to Ti. Ti doesnt break, generally has a much smaller tip, and heat transfers very quickly from a Ti nail to a Ti dabber.
    -Forgot to mention glass has the benefits of aesthetics. Glass dabbers will almost always look better than Ti. But after buying and using several heady glass dabbers, they tend to gather dust and are more for display. I personally prefer function over form 100% when it comes to dabbers.
    -best of both worlds when you combine a Ti dabber/Ti tip to a heady glass dabber.
  3. I also prefer Ti nails and dabbers for the reasons you stated above and IMO the taste is better too, I just want to hear some GC feedback with all these $200 glass pieces of art dabbers around.

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