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  1. Now don't get ahead of me here. I know how to clean my bongs, I own a fair amount of them. I am posting in this section because I didn't see any sections for units themselves. I have this nice glass bong I have been using for company and smoke get togethers. Normally growers and what not come over and chill time to time. Issue with this unit itself is that who ever owned it before obviously didn't take good care of it because it has a nice film of ash/resin caked inside of it as if it was a small pool of water for ash and the fucker just let it for a month to dry. As you can see in the pics it the ash catch needs to be cleared out. Now don't get me wrong I have tried lots of ways to get at it but it is proving difficult. I have managed to scrape away a good amount of it myself so far, the first chamber down the ash catch from the bowl itself used to be the same as the part I cannot get at, when scraping it all out it came off in flakes like fucking fish food. I use 99.9 and salt normally to clean my glass, I have tried rock, sea, and table salt for it so far and no luck cleaning it out without actual physical scrubbing and scraping like the first chamber.

    My question is, how do I clean out the parts I cannot get at?




    Sorry if I posted in the wrong section.
  2. i would try some iso, and some salt, let it sit for a couple hours, and every so oftern shake it up a bit!
  3. I have tried that, I left it overnight and that wouldn't work. I have also tried two days solid of it sitting in there and being shook up lots.

    Difference between 99.9 and 70%?
  4. Soak it in simple green all purpose cleaner, I fill my dirty glass with it before class (or soak my slides in) and when I come back in 2-5 hrs the resin just rinses off. For extra stubborn stains just soak overnight and rinse with hot water.

  5. I have some "mean green". As in green do you mean non hazardous? I will give it a try if I don't get any replies not to do it.
  6. Go buy a jug[the jugs are concentrated, spray bottles are diluted) of Simple Green! or some grunge off if you can find it in a headshop. Then let that sit for a few hours. Oh and befor eyou leave it to soak in the solution, rinse it out a bunch of times with hot water(not boiling, just turn the tap to hot side) and then put in the liquid and let it sit. Good luck
  7. yea grunge off will definitely clean that up. pour it in there and let it sit for a little bit and it should wash right out
  8. Go buy a gallon jug of simple green for <$10 at home depot. It's non-toxic, safe, and will tear apart any resin left in that tube. It's also reusable, so you can fill a plastic cup and soak your slides and a/cs every night in the same solution to make sure it is clean every day. Leave it in your tube overnight every three days or so and recycle the remains, and you will have a sparkling tube all the time.
  9. You guys are great. Thank you. Much love.

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