Glass cleaners?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by heckiee, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. I need cheap glass cleaners from amazon. I'm thinking about buying Invisible Glass () but I don't know if it's safe
  2. Is this for a pipe or bong?...
  3. I'm mainly planning to use it for my bong, but i might clean a buddy's pipe once in a while.
  4. Go to the dollar store and get yourself some iso alcohol. 90% if you can. Put pipes in a ziplock bag with salt and shake shake shake. Your pipe will be lookin brand new in 5 minutes. Just rinse with water after

    That shits not going to clean any res. Thats glass cleaner.. Try using google before posting a thread tho man
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  5. Yeah, that's a cleaner for glass windows, not bongs. It's not going to streak, but it's also not going to clean your pieces lol. Do what the blade above posted. Go get some ISO and salt. BAM. Clean ass pieces, fill them with Reeses
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  6. because of your avatar i read your posts alowd to the family in HEAVY simpsons apu voice
  7. Truth be told, on some posts I kind of write them to be read that way.
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  8. 91% iso and epsom salt. It's what the majority of cleaners are anyways.

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  9. Use alcohol (higher the percentage the better) and salt. Put both in ziplock with the piece your trying to clean and shake that fucka up should be clean after 5 min

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