glass bowl question...inside out?

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  1. what exactly is an inside out bowl? to me, it just looks like brighter colors. i usually get a metal bowl so i don't know too much about glass pieces. just wondered
  2. What I THINK it means, I might be incorrect, is that inside of an inside out bowl there is a chamber of air between the outter walls and inner walls of the bowl. So instead of being walls of huge thicj glass its thing glass thats wraps around. Or something. I don't know I'm really baked and it's way too early.
  3. Inside out is just the method of coloring. While the glass is open they "draw" lines of glass cane on the inside, which can be seen from the outside...inside out.
  4. ok thanks. revolvR's method would be a cool way to make a bowl though.
  5. An inside out bowl piece means that instead of the bowl wall being that in the same as the out wall of the whole piece there is a layer of air between the bowl wall and the outer wall.
    -Imagine a "NON"-inside out piece as being a ice cream cone, you put the herb in where you put the ice cream and they share a wall
    -Now, an inside out bowl piece is more like a balloon or a light bulb, where some one took there thumb, and pushed in the top of the balloon or light bulb, creating the bowl. Now the bowl wall and the outer wall are now two separate. This is not particularly a coloring method, in fact I believe that an inside out piece does not get as hot because of the separation. Now it is true that it is a different way of coloring the glass because of the construction (allows for colors to be added to the inside allowing for much greater detail, color variance, and design
    Hope this helps

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