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glass bowl = caught??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tobez, May 26, 2010.

  1. almost every single person i know who got caught was due to their bowl. I clean mine after about its 3rd consecutive use so that it does not get dirty and smell. How does everyone store it to make sure it does not smell/give them away.

    this is not a thread to brag about how you can leave you bowl wherever cause "you don't give a fuck" nor is it a thread to say "don't get caught retard."

  2. pipes dont smell that much just put it in a lil case
  3. I put mine in a plastic baggy, then I cut a small hole in a stuffed animal and then hid the bag in the animal, and the animal in my closet.

    I've had a collection of monkey stuffed animals from around the world since i was a little kid, I dont know how easy it is for you to get one =p
  4. Man thats some hardcore shit:p.....I personally own a guitar so i stash my pipe in a ziplock bag in the little compartment in my guitar case,,,then lock the case just incase...(so much "case" xD)
  5. like flyershockey44 said they dont relativley smell that bad, but if your truly paranoid then put it in a case of some kind, or if you smoke giggerats blow your ciggerate smoke into your pipe, will rmove the smell. youll just reak like tobacco
  6. The smell isn't a huge issue, as long as you have a good hiding spot.

    If you are REALLY concerned about smell, get a glass mason jar and a small towel or a shirt, make sure it's all CLEAN! and store it wrapped in something in the jar.

    What will make it smell more is not fully cleaning it. Doing something stupid like rinsing a dirty glass piece with just water will make it smell and it'll be nasty. Keep it dry at all times and when you clean it, clean it COMPLETLY with alcohol and salt and make sure to rinse very thoroughlly, if you do that and it smells even a little then do it all over again.

    Just be smart and go slow, don't do shot on impulse or in a hurry.
  7. In my wall safe along with the majority of my current stash.
  8. Hollow out a book
  9. Never had a problem with a smelly bowl. Always smelly weed.
  10. lol you must be smokin some mids bro, I keep all my pipes in a case (shellz, they're fucking dope) and you can smell the cases from a few feet away from the resin smell when I don't clean my pipes for awhile. Dank resin has a stank to it son, just keep that shit clean

  11. True that

  12. i defintatly do not smoke mids and my pipe definatly does not smell unless i go right up to it and take a wiff, or if i just blazed a bowl.
  13. Hmm, damn i guess I just have dirty pipes. They fucking reek lol

  14. I definitely do not smoke mids, and I havent cleaned my pipe in a month and its on a shelf in my closet and i open my closet i cant even smell it

  15. Ya the only way pipes will smell REALLY bad is if you leave some burnt weed in there
  16. Nahh man don't clean that put it in an empty shoe that's what I do...oh yea don't clean it scrape that res out there and smoke that mother up.
  17. if you are so worried about it i suppose you could put your bowl in a mason jar... but i just put mine in a sock and occationaly spray the sock with some febreeze... seems to do the trick
  18. Same here.

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