Glass blunts & experience with hash

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Smoking weed/hash

  1. pref. bong/bubbler

  2. pref. joint/blunt/spliff

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  3. pref. glass blunt

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  1. Hey folks,

    I usually smoke my weed out of a twisty glass blunt so I don't have to smoke papers and can dose my weed better.

    But recently I got hooked up with some hash and smoked it with weed in my glass blunt. :bongin:
    Now am I wondering if someone else tried smoking hash with a glass blunt.

  2. I haven't but it sounds like it'd be perfect for hash, since the glass blunt can keep the amber going, and it's best to smoke hash without touching it directly with flame.

    I smoke my hash by sandwiching it between weed in my bong bowl, or i make a little hash snake and put it in the middle of a joint. i wanted a glass blunt for a while now but they're super expensive here
  3. I just tried smoking my hash with and without weed.
    It works pretty well with weed around the hashish, burns nice and steady.
    Without the help of weed it is kinda tricky. You can get enough smoke to get stoned but the repeated heating of it with a match e.g is annoying.

    I think that I'll stick to smoking hash as a joint tho. :love-m3j:
  4. Probably not supposed to advertise here but the WISH app has glass blunts 4 cheap

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