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Glass blowing

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tommyboy6001, May 19, 2006.

  1. heya guys i have recently become very interested in how fuckin awesome my pipe is and i wanna learn how to blow glass now so i was wondering if anybody here know anything about glass blowing or equipment or knows about any online tutorials or ebooks thanks in advance
  2. If theres a community college near you, see if they have classes. thats what i did. it was like a 4 months class.
  3. My husband blows glass and has taught himself through books. 13 years ago he bought 2 propane torchs from canadian tire and worked from a backpack, he now is well equipped. I would first read as much as possible and then give her a try. It's quite an art.
  4. would you by any chance have any titles that may be of some use to me?
  5. im also interested. If not for a career at least for a fun hobby.
  6. Oh yeah dude... Imagine what'd it'd be like to just make thing slike that that and touch te m. Like dead sedrious though., Touch them and feel the m and what not. Shit, I love shrooms.
  7. How much did that course cost to take?
  8. am i the only one to say what?^^^
  9. i met this girl who blew glass and she offered an all day course at her shop tht shows yuo how to blow, but I think you would have to go a few tymes before you got anygood, if you got good. I am wanting to try this at some point but right now I have plenty on my plate, but glass blowing is very cool and really neat art. JOE>
  10. I've got a friend whos blowing me a spoon right now, I'll see if I can get some info for ya
  11. i wanna get into it so i can make my own pipes and bubblers and shit. gimme a bag a cheetos a pipe i blew and weed i grew and i'm happy
  12. haha, i completely understand why he's saying that. i felt the same way when i shroomed not to long ago. i wanted to make something and just hold it.
  13. "Contemporary Lampworking" by Bandhu Scott Dunham is an excellent book to start with.

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