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  1. So i have always had an interest in learning how to blow glass. After doing alot of research i am left with more questions than i have answers for. I had a realization that there isnt a HOW TO BLOW GLASS section in these toking tools forums. Anyone on the city blow glass ???? I think that this could be an enormously valuable and iformative.

    Examples: Beginners guide to setting up a glass work shop.
    WigWag Techniques
    Beginner Torches and equipment


  2. guide: get a shit ton of money, go to school.

    or: get a shit ton of money, fuck around with glass and teach yourself.
  3. :pLOL that is some world class advice . lol . But on the serious side I have heard from reputable glass blowers saying that a beginners setup could range from 500 to 1000 dollars . Which isn't "a shit ton of money". And judging from your post i would make the assumption that you yourself have no knowledge or expiernce of glass blowing. which obviously doesnt help me in anyway. I was simply asking or suggesting that we start a forum or even sub forum for people interetsed and or knowledgeable in glass blowing who were willing to share insight and advice. It was and is a serious proposition. :(
  4. Jumbo said it....take a lesson if your unfamiliar with torches and takes and whatnot...

    theres not a how to blow glass section because everyone and their grandmother would start doing it....most people are to scared to turn on a torch at first anyway...

    take a lesson if your really will most likely meet some people that will help you even more
  5. I've messed around on a friends set up he had to get the fire depot to register his setup though. Maybe his was something different but I don't belive so. From what he told me he also ha to pass a certification test to e allowed to operate the special torch.
  6. the fire depot can kiss the fattest part of my ass...

    yeah they come by if you have a shop...but thats when your running an operation...

    if your just doing this in your kitchen(totally possible) no one needs to know..just dont be stupid and have ventilation.

    you can start up with 1000 but its not gonna be great at all..

    my torch alone was around 1050 plus about 800 for the kiln plus glass,tools,room setup and whatever else i didnt list..

    check out the melting pot...its probably what your looking for
  7. yeah, go to lampworketc or the melting pot or somewhere else if you want glassblowing info. If there was a section like that here all the kids would be blowing their garages up trying to make bongs

  8. exactly. this just is not a glassblowing forum. there are several of those. there were a few well know glass blowers on here, but most never come on here anymore...

    this is not really a skill you can teach or learn through words on a internet forum either from my understanding.

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