glad to have the herb back in my life

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  1. so here's my little story. i kind of lost my mind a while back, went through the crazy teenager thing, you know...i'm still only 18 but i started partying young haha. i smoked a lot of weed and drank a lot of alcohol and did a lot of random drugs. i was addicted to morphine the whole time and got pretty bad into pills. my life was pretty fucked up, but i was even more fucked up, so i just didn't realize it.

    well i kicked my bad habits after i got put on probation for possession and public intoxication. i rarely drank and i never did pills. the downside is that i stopped smoking weed altogether because of drug tests. but this is the time when i noticed how different i was.

    it was like i could see myself in "before" and "after" and i was like wow. after my two year binge i can definitely tell that i've lost a lot of brain cells, because it's like i can remember how i was before vs. now.

    i forget things more and i can just "feel" that my brain is different...if that makes sense. sometimes i'll be trying to remember something that i KNOW i know and i just cant remember it, and it will drive me to the point of tears because i know i should remember.

    i just recently got off probation and since i've been smoking weed again i havent done any pills or drank any alcohol! of course i've done psychedelics a few times but mostly it's just me and the herb. another thing is, when i'm stoned i love to read about random things and educate myself about all kinds of know, maybe i'll even make up for all those lost brain cells.

    it's like i forgot how much being high made me love learning. since i've been off probation, i've really done a lot better in school (after being expelled 3 times from 2 different schools) and i'm even graduating early...and going to college in the fall. i also got a job. which i would probably hate if it wasn't for being able to smoke haha...

    anyway i dunno, sorry for writing so much. guess i'm just feeling really grateful since it's holiday season and all, haha. glad to have maryjane back in my life! thanks for reading hope it was worth your time

    lets all be thankful for our nugz for thanksgiving<3
  2. right on man. stay smoking.
  3. good shit bro, stay up

  4. You act like doing psychedelics is a given

  5. is it not? :) i use psychedelics to get in touch with myself. like a mental reset button. shed all my stress and old skin and have a fresh new outlook! but this forum isnt for discussing all that.
  6. Lucky you and happy toking. December 1st is when i can finally smoke again:) cannot wait.
  7. The moderators of this beautiful city of grass are known to occasionally strike down with a vengeance of righteous fury even the most heart wrenching of tales if they mention certain unmentionables. Regardless, I am happy for you and agree that those psychedelics are fine.

  8. ahh. well thanks for the warning, i hope i didnt say too much!

    thanks, and thats great! not too long to go. :) happy for you and hope that maryjane does good things for you aswell :D

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