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    not saying im bad at it but give us guys some tips that might help us improve are skills when we go down on you girls
  2. Boy or girl ???:confused::confused:
  3. Girls

  4. Dude, it's not called head if it's on a girl...
  5. Pahaha...oh man terminology is unique man.
  6. im so high right now, but im sure that my terminology was correct
  7. Yea it is man.

    "Give head" i.e. to give oral pleasure.

    I don't see the problem.

    EDIT: Actually NVM I don't give a fuck
  8. You can say giving head for either gender, people just don't lol.

  9. Exactly my point, it's like saying a girl is handsome. You just don't OP.
  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^ this.
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    Who cares? That isn't the point of the thread, which we all understood, so it doesn't really matter does it? Jeez, stoners are supposed to be chill ya damn terminology nazis!

    1. If I can trim down there for you, you can trim your upper lip for me. Bushy mustaches are not pleasurable o_o and nor is harsh stubble. I mean, personally I find a beard sexy, but only if it's not too wiry.

    2. See that little nub up there near the top? Focus on that. Please don't try to fuck me like your tongue is some kind of mini dick unless you know what you're doing because it's just sloppy and we don't get much out of it, it's not as long as you think it is.

    3. Tongue is good. Fingers are good. Both at once are even better.

    That's all I got right now, lul. Kinda weird to be asking on a forum though, I'm sure you'd find plenty of good guides and advice on Google.
  12. Oh yes, sir. I do believe your girlfriend is a very handsome woman. In fact, she looks a lot like her brother.
  13. Just because you dont doesnt mean everyone else is the same....

    But i never really hear someone saying they are "giving head" to a girl.

    "giving head" in my vocabulary is when someone sucks on the head of a penis which a girl doesnt have.....

    Just saying going down or eating out, 99.9% of people will understand and give you less bullshit answers lol

  14. chick says give head

    dude says give oral

    both say go down
  15. I've never told a guy to give me head, I tell him to SUCK MY CLIT! :laughing::smoking:
    Seriously though suck the clit,lick it and play with it , kiss the lips and even suck on them a little and a finger or two is welcomed :) but every woman is different so listen to her breathing and body language, if she locks your head between her thighs and starts grinding your face then DO NOT STOP, keep doing what your doing cuz it's working :laughing:
  16. it is different for everyone. most would say focus on the clit but one of my friends says hers is way too sensitive and she doesnt like it. so again, eveyone is different. listen to what the girl likes.

    something you could consider trying...
    recently someone did something to me that ive never experienced. it was unexpected but ended up feeling pretty good. the guy was focusing on my clit with the tip of his tongue and then started fingering me; so far normal. but then the fingering turns into really fast thrusts into my cervix (hit or miss depending on whether the cervix is perceptive to pain or pleasure at that point). it was different, ive never had someone jabbing their fingers into my cervix while simultaneously maintaining focus on my clit. it felt good though. suppose you could try it
  17. nah.. i say give head when talkin about eatin pussy.. thats what it is.. givin head..

    a lot of people around here say it
  18. I'm thinking it has a lot to do with where your from,
  19. Oh shit..He just went to chicago, bitch.

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