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  1. I usually pick up 8ths or Dubs but 2012 was such a good year for me I really wanted to celebrate and party. I saved up $200 for a Half OZ of dank to give to my homies and smoke for New Years Eve and Christmas.

    I was sketched as fuck taking my backpack over to my dudes place and got half a sandwich bag of bright green sticky nugs. Drove over to Wendys and got a 2 Junior cheeseburgers, large fries and large coke for the munchies. Got home and put it on the scale: 14.7...Damn I was suped!

    Took out the papers and connected 2 to make a kingsize joint. Weighed out 4g's on the scale and ground it up. I put 2g's into the jay and packed a fat bowl...

    Called my boys up and said to bring some drinks...We got fuckin high. As they left I gave each of them a gram each to take home and said merry christmas.

    I've never seen anyone happier to get a gift from me :D

    And I'm still piffin as we speak...Happy New Year :smoking::yummy:!
  2. What a good friend. I'd have been stoked if my buddy hooked me up like that. Good shit man!
  3. that's cool of you
  4. your mommy must have gave you a lot of christmas money
  5. [quote name='"Hashmanone"']fuck 200 for a half oz? i just got a half oz for 50 didnt even want to buy the half but new years is comin up...... and i still have 380 bucks left.............................................. i love cali and these are quality buds usually people charge that much for bammer/ shchwag[/quote]

    Dude................why are you this?
  6. U jelly your not worth explaining to but to get my point through my "mommy" didn't give me any cash
  7. 200 dollars is a good price on the east coast. Sounds like some good vibes man.
  8. That's some dope shit my man. That's how I felt about last year. I sent my best friend from highschool a badass bowl, and one of my other really good friends from college a small nug bowl, a 300 pack of raws and a few packs of tips. They both were beyond stoked about getting em.
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    i gave away a bunch of what I recently grew. Gave one full to the top pint away. Don't people still give pints at Christmas? Still got a little left to enjoy. C pics. The middle jar is a quart jar.

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  10. Thats just awesome dude. heck i dont know of anyone who would do that....ever. Im sure your friends got a ton of enjoyment with their gifts!!
  11. That's fucking dope, man. bet you made their day haha.
  12. can i be your friend? lol
  13. you are some good people
  14. Damn. I need to hang out with you!
  15. If someone did that to me after smoking me up i would feel obligated to burn the whole g with you lol

  16. you can be. I wasn't growing to sell. I just grew to see if I could. So I had some to distribute freely.
  17. good for you op, how nice is that feeling, knowing you have just done something good for someone else without you gaining from it.
  18. I've give out usually a gram for close friend birthdays. Never been given free weed, closest being matching.

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