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  1. I'm in the veg state of doing a bubbleponics cfl grow have 8 6500k cfl's over 4 plants and I have read to leave the lights on a 24 hour schedule but I have also read that 18 hours is the optimon amount of time to leave them on to build up their "growth energy" for lack of a better word which they use up during the 6 hrs of darkness rather than constantly building it up during the 24hr light scheduel.

    to make a small story shorter whats the way to go 18/6 20/4 or 24/0
  2. i've always herd 18/6 for veg 12/12 for flowering.
  3. so there is one suggestion to change to 18/6 thanks man! If I get a couple more I am going to change it to 18/6 why not save some energy right!
  4. yea im growing with almost the same specs with 24 hours of light all day. I wonder if doing like a week of 24 hours a day, then a week of 18/6 and so on would stress the plant or anything? or make any difference at all?
  5. Why not 22/2? from what i've read from different growers is that it doesn't need a rest period, so 24/0 won't do anything but make them grow. so more growth means faster harvest.
  6. its up to the grower's preferance, 24/0 will produce tighter leaves and vegitation, 18/6 produces more length between leaves and branches , this is b/c when the lights are off, your plant stretches and grows more rapidy, using up its stored up energy to rebuild. i personally am not a fan of 24/0, i would go either 20/4 or 18/6, but like i said its the grower's preferance.
  7. i do 24/0. if you have a limited height on your growspace, id definately recommend 24/0 since you want to minimize your stretching in all phases of the plants life

    the reason 18/6 appears to produce more growth is that plants stretch in the dark. why? because they want light! go ahead and give it to them, non-stop. my 2 dimes at least
  8. The two most commonly-used plans are 18/6 and 24/0. There is no proven right answer to this, so it kind of comes down to what you believe:
    - Do the plants need a "rest" or not?
    - Is a night period more "natural" because it might mimic nature, or does that matter?
    - Will the plant grow just as fast under 18/6 as 24/0, or will it grow faster under 24/0?
    - Will you save money on the electric bill running dark for 6 hours a day?
    - Will you run up the electric bill growing slower and therefore longer if you go dark 6 hours a day?

    The debate goes on. Either way can veg out healthy plants.

    Some like me choose 18/6 for a more practical reason, to manage heat better. During veg I usually go dark noon-6pm or something like that because my grow space is affected more by outside temps and I want to avoid adding heat during the heat of the day.

    For flowering there is much more consensus on 12/12.
  9. go 24/0 it doesnt need to sleep, it will do constant work with no rest.
  10. heres how i think about it

    if you like to flip to 12/12 at a certain HEIGHT, youll probably note that you flip sooner after veggin in 18/6. why? your plant stretches at night / grows to where the light last was to better accept it when it returns.

    if you flip at a certain # of leafsets, regardless of height, youll probably find faster results with 24/0, because it spends all day makin sugars and expanding new growth with less stretching.

    its all up to you.

  11. If you're goin 24/0 could you use this lighting throughout the whole vegetation process?

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