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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by donnydarko, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. I know there is a shit load of grow guides..but i don't really feel like reading through all of them for a few specific answers.

    I'm really tight for money right now (poor college kid), so i'm thinking about growing 1 plant in my apartment (i live alone). It's a two bedroom, and i plan on doing this in my closet. ceilings are about 12 feet high. So i have a few questions for you fellow blades. How much light will i need for one plant? How much will my electricity bill go up? I've talked to my landlord, and hes cool with it...just as long as i watch the odor...should i have any problems with it? If i threw a few fans in there, would that be enough air flowing, or do i need to have fresh air circulating through?

    Any input is appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Ill be honest, even a simple search will find these basic answers, and its always best to read up as much as you can or else the plant will get ahead of you and you will run into problems before you are prepared. Being prepared makes the difference between success and failure.
    You will need to read, however I will give you a jumping start at the very least:

    First you need to figure out your budget and answer questions;
    What type of light are you wanting to use? Fluros or HID?
    How big is your space WxHxL?
    Are you going to use bagseed or purchased?
    Im assuming soil?
    Do you have access to everything youll need?

    The more light the better (proper light that is)
    An intake fan, and an outtake fan, will be plenty, but preferably needs fresh air, needs to stay within a certain temperature and Relative humidty. You will also need to cover up smell as this is a different subject than air movement.
    You will need to germinate more than just a few seeds as if your using bagseed, some may not sprout or some might be female.
  3. hey man your destined to fail if spending a few minutes reading and searching is too much work for you.

    the amount of knowledge is pretty much endless but also very easy to find.
  4. There is masses of info already written here.

    We can´t re-invent the wheel for every newb who writes - I want to grow MJ, tell me absolutely everything I need to know because I am too bone idle to do any research myself.

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