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Give me something to watch. I’m an indecisive stoner.

Discussion in 'Movies' started by themightyhigh, Sep 12, 2018.

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    So. Yeah. I decided to get high and watch a movie, problem is I’m indecisive af. So thought I’d let you lot pick for me!

    I dig 80s movies with Breakfast Club/Lost Boys vibes and also Tarentino’s movies but I’ll watch basically anything so feel free to throw literally ANY movie or good TV/Netflix series at me and why I should watch it - Oh yeah, a good soundtrack is a huge bonus.

    (Internet high fives to the person who picks what I end up watching)

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    if you like Breakfast Club ...

    dazed and confused
    over the edge
    charlie bartlett
    alpha dog
    kid cannabis
    the stoned age
    american beauty
    the spectacular now
    perks of being a wallflower
    waking life
    back to the future 1 and 2
    fast times at ridgemont high
    ferris buellers day out

    general stoner flims :

    the big lebowski
    office space
    jay and silent bob strike back
    harold and kumar
    40 year old virgin
    only god forgives
    a scanner darkly
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  3. YES. A list. I love a list, even more indecision now

    Seen most of these - there’s some good movies among that bunch. I’ll check out the trailers now for the ones I haven’t seen before.
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  4. True Blood on Amazon Video was the GF and I’s latest show.

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  5. 12 monkeys!!

    New Netflix stoner series called HAPPY FUNTIME HOUR. Entire cast of a variety show is tricked into taking hallucinagens and are now acting out their characters. Get really baked and enjoy. Made by the trailer park boys.
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  6. Whoah this sounds good. Gonna have to watch it
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