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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by gBong, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. Hey everyone,

    well lets get this started....

    im new to this but i have planted succesfully other crops (veggies etc) so i think i can do this

    All i need is some help...ive looked over a TON of growing guides and as much as they help, they confuse the hell out of me

    I am workin on a budget, but i can get basic and cheap supplies i need from Franks Garden and nursery

    I have found a great spot, the sunlight is perfect, its not too far so i can transport a water can their easily

    1)First off , its January so when do u think i should start planting, and also, wut should i use for the soil, i dont think its good bc there is a lot of weeds, so wut should i do (please keep it simple)

    2)And next, how often to water and how much?

    3)How do i tell if plants are male?

    pest arent a problem, which is nice, but doesnt help the plant grow itself

    4)Can i just set up a site with nice soil and vermiculite then pop in a couple of seeds and water and let it grow

    any tips or tricks would be helpful, but i need it to be not that complicated, thanks

    and please dont send me a link to a growguide bc i have read most of them

    thank u and keep harvestin so i can keep smokin until i can harvest (one day : )....)
  2. most i can tell, is get some good cheap soil, and plant your seeds in 3 or 2 different location, so if one get found u still got 2 letf.... i think u will plant str8 in soil, so u can water once a week......

    u can start a plant in the end of april... u can tell if is a female or male, by when it hits preflowering u will see sacks, or white hair(pistol)


    pistol= famale

    coo u found a place with no pest problem, but that dont mean u will get bug problem... a tsp of dish soap, and gallon of water, will get rid of most of bugs problem.....

    u also got to check how wet is the land... to much wetnest can cost mold on bud, destroying your crop........latezz..

    PS.. since u dont want to read any guides anymore, theres a search bottom up in the right coner.. use it...latezz...
  3. You should also make sure the PH level is neutral which is neutral. you dont want it to acidic. If you have any problems with that just go to your gardening store and get a bag of lime it enriches the soil or you can just make your own compost pile
  4. most guides would have been able to answer questions 1,2 and 4, and give a general idea about question 3 ..........well the one under this text will shade said, best using the search button, that way you'll get lots of pics of outdoor grows and all the info to go with it, what to do, what was tried, what happened, best way to do it........Peace out........Sid

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