git jumped last night

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  1. I was walking home and met some guys who seemed cool who wanted to sell me an ounce of weed for $100, I got their number and went to get some money, I went and met them later and they said they would sell it to me in the alley. we walked halfway in the alley then one guys steps in front and the next thing I know I feel a sharp on the left side of my face and my eyes are closed (I got hit with something, I think I was either punched in the face or had something thrown at my face, it seemed like I was just walking and then all of a sudden I was in this painful state, as if whoever had turned around and hit me is out of my memory) I quickly came to and realised what was going on, there were 5 of them, I think that blow was ment to either knock me out or knock me over, next thing While im standing there for only a few seconds in daze the guys pulls out a gun, I think it was fake because it didnt make a loud noise at all, I immedately turned around and started running, he started firing at me but those non existant bulets were no where close to hitting me. I got out of the alley running faster then all of them and ran to someone driving on the street, they then ran away. what was with the toy gun? You think they were gonna pull it on me if I had been knocked on the grund? do you think when they did pull it out tey were hoping I would stand there and do what Im told? Clearly they were trying to rob me somehow but luckily for me they didnt just decided to all grab me which would have been a much better idea for them, anyways I gave their number to the polic and talked to them (btw when I got hit I had several cuts on my face with blood all over the place) what do you think the police will do with their phone number? Will they be able to catch them, and is it possible to arrest them with no witnesses?
  2. Lmfao what did you tell the cops?

    I was going to buy weed in this dark alley way and they tried to jump me.

  3. post the number on craigslist and say Ive got a free car, first to call and show up gets it. That will at least bombard their phone with calls and use up their minutes. Small but gratifying revenge.
  4. thats basically what I told them ya
  5. What would you tell the cops?

    Guys offered to sell you drugs and you get your ass kicked?
  6. [quote name='"123mac123"']thats basically what I told them ya[/quote]

  7. The dissapointing thing is right when it happenned I was more upset I wasn't getting that great deal on weed then the fact my life was probably in danger, first thing that came to my mind
  8. That's sad then
  9. Damn I had preety much the same thing happen to me. Except o got my face stomped in by 5 *****s and they got my money. Your lucky you got away! But now I stay straped with a .380 with hollow points. I can walk any where with confidense now. I would get your boys togther and hunt them down
  10. Why would you ever try and buy weed from random strangers in an alley?
  11. You aint get jumped, you just got knocked the fuck out.
  12. WOW you really just threw that wall of text at us. Thanks! ANYWAYS, if you were dumb enough to think they would sell you an ounce for $100 and also to follow them into an alley you deserved it. Sorry, lol.
  13. wall of text not rewarding. use common sense when purchasing. duh
  14. is this how police convo went?
    police- hello? 911 whats ur emergency?
    you- i just got beat up!!!
    police- ok sir, what were you doing when you got beat up?
    you- i was buying an OUNCE of weed and went into alley and got jumped
    police-*trys not to laugh* ok sir, will have some one come out right away!
  15. hahaha
  16. You sound like a total bitch.

  17. Except into a spelling bee...
  18. if you were walking HOME and you had a legit phone number of theirs then you will come across him again. they obviously had a plan if there was 5 of them. and they're obviously not from out of town if there's a group of them in an alley. don't go to the cops for getting jumped, they don't do anything about it. i just got jumped by 3 guys this last summer and i got no help at all. it was the first and last time i will contact the police for an ass kicking.
    your story is reminding me of a cheesey movie... i'm picturing you as a nerdy, 4-eyes type of kid...
  19. I wouldnt do your idea cause theyll most likely just rob that person to.

    Plus it's way more gratifying to put their number in the male for male personal section on craigslist :devious:.

    Trust me those guys dont fuck around when you put a number on there i've had many lulz doing that to my friends while im around them and watching their phones blow up with hilarious phone calls and text messages within two minutes of me posting and not ending until i delete the post :D:devious:.

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