Girly hand piece for the ol' lady

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  1. Picked up this for the ol' lady so she could stop coming back and forth when she's on her break to hit the bong. So I got her this nice lil piece of glass with a glass stash jar that has a greatful dead skull on it. Will post picture of it later.

    It's really nice thick glass. You can see the thickness in the neck of the spoon.


    It has such a little bowl(like .2-.3 MAX) and it keeps a cherry very nice and stays light for about a good amount of puffs. lol Im high.

  2. Love it! That was so sweet of you. I'm not one for "girly" pipes but I'm jealous of that one :p Absolutely love those colors. How much did it run you?
  3. Me and one of my roomates hit his pink spoon every night. I love the colors on yours though.
  4. It was marked $30 then I always get an extra 35% off on glass at my lhs.

    Got this for it. This way my ol' lady can keep some ready to go and already ground up.
    Really don't listen to greatful dead but all the SYN glass jars was expensive as fuck and I just wanted something lil for her.
  5. Lovin the jar. nice spoon too, real thick.
  6. love the spoon, and the jar is sick too.

    looks good and thick man.

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