Girls :(

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GeeNine, May 25, 2009.

  1. Fucking hate them.

    Call me baked or whatever but they fuck me off. Right now I'm smashed and drunk but my girl is pissing me off.

    1am in the morning. Just say here and shes phoning other blokes infront of me. I aint paranoid, but 1am in the morning is suspect man. Harsh on me.

    She'll be gone in the morning. Sad thing is, she knows about my grow, and it's a big one. Could grass me up. Tempted to hold out until it's harvested and then fuck her off and move house.

    Phoning a next bloke and asking them to pass on her number to other blokes who she knows. Fuck that. She taking me for a muppet? "Have I got Cunt written on my forhead" (crank).
  2. Just play dumb till harvest bro be absolutely nice to her and pretend nothing has gone sour.

    And dont let future girlfriends know about any more operations.
  3. Agreed with Litew8stoner.
  4. kinda know what you mean. just dont feel like chillin with em that much. i love fucking but most girls are not cool.

    When I pop bars I always go chasing girls or amphetamines also. and ecstasy. so i suggest poppin some bars all the time when you chill with chicks it makes them more fun.

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