Girls with abs: Hot or not?

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  1. I don't have abs yet but I'm not fat. By the summer I want abs and I've decided to do an hour of cardio every day plus ab exercises 3x per week. I will update with my progress. Do you think abs on a girl are hot? I'm going through with this strict diet and workout plan for ME but I wanted to know what you guys thought about it.



    THIS IS WHAT I WANT (NOT a six pack, just sculpted body):

  2. I think abs on girls are a turnoff :/
  3. your abs are already perfect...that first pic in the white shorts is sexy as hell
  4. Your stomach is fine the way it is. I've heard a lot of guys say they don't like abs on girls but obviously a guy isn't going to stop talking to you or something just because you're in shape.
  5. It looks kinda abnormal. You're prettier the way you are
  6. I do appreciate a girl who keeps herself in tip top shape. I don't want us to feel like to wash boards rubbing against each other during sex, but I do appreciate a little definition.
  7. I think muscles on women are grotesque And abdormal p's: everyones probly fapping to your posts
  8. I like abs on girls, but I also think a nice stomach, like yours, is fine the way it is.
  9. id say the way u are now is perfect, the bottom pic is alright too just dont get a full out six pack lol
  10. let me put it this way, i wouldn`t want to date a a girl who is significantly stronger than me lol. yea some abs is good but not most sculpted abs ever on a girl is def a turn off . i would try and find a pic but it would take too long if i find one on my internet travels ill try to remember to post it here :p :smoke:
  11. i duno im a girl, but i love abs on girls. i think its way nicer than just flat boring stomach..

    actually first time im hearing that guys dont like it
  12. Agree completely with everything you just said.
  13. [quote name='"Caty"']

    Agree completely with everything you just said.[/quote]

    Abs are ok on chicks as long as they are not any bigger than the ones you posted.
  14. Any guy that doesn't want nice abs on a girl is just saying that cuz he's a fatty himself. Tight abs are amazing. Not saying I'm into anorexia thin, but a girl that takes care of herself is a complete turn on. Part of taking care of yourself is watching what you eat and exercising.
  15. Abs are extremely sexy on a female in my opinion.
  16. Being toned is different than being built. Women should TRY to be toned to be healthier and stronger, and you don't have to worry about getting fat if you're always maintaining.

    I have a feeling most of the guys who 'don't care' are not in great shape themselves.
  17. [quote name='"SushiMaster"']you go girl :D


    I don't even wanna know what those tits look like :eek:
  18. Do cardio and eat well not for abdominal muscles but you will feel great and be a mentally stronger girl. Fuck what guys want there all assholes and that's coming from a dude
  19. just go for whatever you think is looks good imo. A guy can leave but your body is still going to be yours. Makes more sense to make you love how you look more than make the guy love how you look. Especially when the images you linked are toned and not grotesquely buff so majority of the male population would still hit that.

    I'm female and I think female abs are hot.

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