Girls.... Where do you like to take it?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by RecStoner, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. When a guy gives you his load, where do you like it best?
  2. My g/f doesn't have a profile on here, but says she likes it on her tits. I'm placing a vote in her place ;)

  3. I voted for my wife as well. She likes when I wank one on her face.
  4. my gf loves it in the ass.
  5. Tits and/or stomach and if he is into it he is very welcome to lick it off. ;)
  6. I voted other.. because... eww....


  7. :eek::bolt:
  8. All depends on how kinky you like it. To each his own right?

  9. Indeed.
  10. mouth - cum makes teeth whiter :D
  11. lol'd hard @ "in the womb".
  12. in the condom.
  13. all of my girlfriends have always loved the taste of cum, so down the throat is it boys!
  14. my ex was such a freak..where is the "all above" option haha

    i almost kinda miss her now that i think about it.......almost
  15. I hear this stuff called toothpaste works almost as well

  16. You forgot 'on the vagina'.

    That's a good place too.

  17. Oh I'm with it.

    I kiss her while it is on her face, I'll also eat a chick out after I cum in her.

    ya gotta man the fuck up!
  18. I've never had a problem tasting my own cum. I kiss afterwards. I think greenbeans taste worse. Not my favorite thing to do, but if she's worth it and asks me to....:hello:
  19. I voted for my girl. She takes in 'in the womb' and loves it


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