Girls taking my habits...

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  1. I know that people have their little changes they need to make after breaking up, but drugs and alcohol? My last gf I broke up with was an avid non-drinker, while I of course was an avid drinker. She HATED it with a fiery passion (alcoholic family.) Since we broke up all she does is party and drink, and on top of that she talks about it non-stop. The girl I broke up with now, an avid non-smoker (dad's a pothead) is smoking and bar-hopping 3-5 times a week, and is so proud that it's her new (my long time) thing now. WTF? I can understand a revenge lay but c'mon....has this happened to anyone?
  2. YES! i went out with this girl, like HOT AS FUCK, im serious, but she was supershy (and im ashamed to say some of my buddies used to rip the shit out of her for being shy as fuck when we werelike 14, shes hot as fuck now tho) she was pretty much anti-drugs, she would fone up my friend and ask if i was 'taking' weed(wtf) or any other drugs, she wasn't very sexual, like i was 16 at the time and she was 18 haha (im 19 now) well like it took me 2 fucking weeks to kiss her..... fucked up , took so long til i eventually had sex with her... well anyway, i broke up with her, couldn't be bothered with her shit, and then she got a job in a hair salon and started snorting coke, fair enough, but she like turned into a comeplete cokehead and she foned me up just yesterday after not speaking to her for like a year and shes crying saying she's pregnant, i think she might have been raped.... oh yeah and she goes to clubs EVERY night. every fucking night...
    and i know what u mean about the pride thing... SHES SO FUCKING PROUD THAT SHE GETS FUCKED UP EVERY NIGHT, shit pisses me off.
    yeh so her parents fucking hate me cos they think i coruppted her...

    shit i needed to get that rant out...
  3. Shit I'm not the only one. Sweet story aryan.
  4. yea.. i had a girl looong time ago. maybe 13-14. i been blazing before i met her. and she didnt like me toking either. so w.e we broke up nd she ends up a toker with her next boyfriend.
    lol funny.
  5. I had a girl who was opposed to smoking, then became the biggest fiend ever and smoked half of all of my shit and didn't reciprocate the gesture if you know what i mean. It pissed me off to no end, but i 'loved' her so i gave it to her not thinking about it. Looking back, it wasn't really worth it, because i would spend about $400 every 2 weeks. All in all, there were some good high times, and I'll always appreciate her, but she was a fucking weed vacuum.
  6. My ex probably feels just like you guys. The summer I broke up with her was the summer I started smoking weed.

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