Girls opinions????? Freaking out here- if you are a lady please click

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Popped_A_Molly, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. wtf are u saying u ur self said. "Recently I had a tiny kiss with her ex bf which really upset her." ur a guy nd u kissed her ex bf. u said it urself. so she thinks ur gay? is that what ur saying now

  2. Give it to her
  3. My immediate reaction was to post when I read the kiss line but kept reading and these replies have me laughing hard
    Op youre crazy man.
  4.  Lol look at all these people freaking out over something so small. ahahaha
      A bird'll never learn how to fly without it falling a few times...  
  5. I thought maybe he had meant her ex best friend.

    Either way man. Lets give you some slack and claim you you even made it to second base although you havent. Its been FOUR YEARS. grow up, move on, get some, and have a relationship.

    Love is a need that can be met by a huge variety of people who have a few of your "requirements". There are essentially an unlimited supply of girls you would find equal or better if you look.

    Lets say you somehow arent just in the friendzone.....a kiss after four years is fuckin lame lol. Bitch will be barren before shes ready for kids
  6. [quote name="Popped_A_Molly" post="19423557" timestamp="1390938985"]Keep in mind its all I have and still technically a teenager. Its not a wedding gift.... Its all I could afford. Plus, I don't want her to feel guilty and her try and outdo me. Its not a competition of price, but of meaning[/quote] I could see getting her a necklace, but she might think your proposing if you give her a ring. Best of luck bud!Sent from my SGH-I337M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. Read this whole thread, so fucking confused. 
  8. Hahahaha! Same wave length bro! Until like the 4th post I thought why am I assuming this is a chick?

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