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Girls : Masturbate in front a man.

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by KevinDwane, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. All womens,

    Have you ever masturbate in front a man? If yes, who was the man & what do you think during masturbation.
  2. Oh yes baby i have

    I did it in fromt of my man of 3 years
  3. O_O a fan of lord of the rings I see :D what makes you like Faramir so much?
  4. @lilpaypay24 heheha
  5. Why are there so many threads on GC at the moment that make me doubt my intelligence or sanity?
  6. I've had my chick perform a little...saves me doing the foreplay really.
    Sometimes we'll get close and she'll use my cock instead of her finger/s before yknow, goin' in.
  7. girls don't masturbate. it's a myth
  8. Sexy!!
  9. I've gotten my girl to please herself in front of me; and likewise ;) although of course it had to go much further than just that...
  10. My girl will in front of me all the time. She knows it turns me on and shit.
  11. God damn that would be such a turn on. I wouldn't let her even come close to finishing before jumping in, there's no way.

  12. I love watching a girl play with herself,but it doesn't take long before I dive in face first.

  13. My girl does it alot actually. Especially when we have sex and i didnt make her cum she will do it for sure then
  14. How can you tell when your woman cums...?

  15. On second thought, who gives a shit...;)
  16. [​IMG]

  17. You should. You get far more action.
  18. Virgin?

  19. I'm waaay worse than that, I'm fucking married.....which is why I said, who cares if she cums. Kinda like a funny ha ha.
  20. U also asked how can u tell? Maybe you suck at sex if you can't tell. Or it hasnt happned

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